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Data, Data, Everywhere … 

The saying “Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink” was first coined in 1798 in “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” by poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge. The adage’s meaning—not being able to benefit from something you’re surrounded by—remains salient more than 200 years later.

Data: most organizations are awash in a vast ocean of it. More than 59 zettabytes of data will be created, captured, copied, and consumed in the world this year, according to International Data Corporation (IDC). If that figure boggles your mind, consider that one zettabyte equals one trillion gigabytes, and IDC predicts data will grow to 175 zettabytes by 2025.

Traditional BI Leaves Organizations Static, Unable to Respond Quickly 

The volume and velocity of incoming data from myriad sources can leave organizations overwhelmed with information that’s essentially useless because so much of it can’t be interpreted. So traditional business intelligence (BI) tools that only deliver historically based insights on one-dimensional dashboards are no longer cutting it.   

To stay competitive, organizations need next-gen analytics that can quickly serve up richer, deeper insights to support accurate, real-time decisions. And this game-changing capability is now within reach for any organization. Gain a panoramic view of all your data with immersive analytics. 

Immersive Analytics Provides the Vision to See What You Never Imagined

With immersive analytics, your organization can swim above the rising tide of data and dive deeper into multi-layered data sources when necessary for immersive, not overwhelming, data discovery.

A critical component to the hyperconverged analytics approach—immersive analytics—consolidates several elements into one experience:

  • Best-in-class visual analytics
  • Machine learning
  • Data preparation
  • Geoanalytics
  • Streaming analytics
Immersive analytics allows for interactive exploration and analysis of disparate data: drilling down or across multi-layered data sources with fully brush-linked, responsive visualizations.

Immersive analytics empowers decision-makers to flexibly and naturally explore data sources at-rest and in-motion. With real-time analysis driven by embedded data science models that inform mission-critical, data-driven operations, immersive analytics delivers richer, deeper, and smarter insights. It equips cross-enterprise knowledge workers—non-technical business users, analysts, data scientists, and analytics app developers—with the ability to quickly learn, make better-informed decisions, and act in the moment.

What does immersive analytics look like in practice? Here are a couple of real-world examples from TIBCO customers: 

  • Hemlock Semiconductor uses immersive analytics to speed production and slash costs:
    Hemlock Semiconductor’s heavy reliance on IT for analytics and reports left it struggling to make the fast, high-impact operational decisions required to reduce costs and production bottlenecks. After adopting visual analytics that enabled smart data models built on real-time event streams, the company applied a predictive approach to managing its operations, accelerating processing by 1000x and saving over $1 million.  
  • AA Ireland uses immersive analytics for high-impact predictions and confident decision-making:
    Auto insurer AA Ireland’s siloed data stores didn’t allow it to quickly develop new data models to attract the right customers to its web properties at the right time. After implementing streaming data, business events processing, and visual analytics, its new immersive analytics environment enabled real-time predictability and informed long-term business decisions.
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Trade Rearview Monitoring for Immersive Hyperconverged Analytics

Your organization can achieve similar benefits to those of Hemlock Semiconductor and AA Ireland. Ready to learn more about how immersive analytics can illuminate new market opportunities, reduce costs, and boost productivity levels for your business? Check out the whitepaper, Immersive, Hyperconverged Analytics for Rapid Learning, Decision-making, and Acting.