An Insider’s View of Data-Driven Business Transformation in the Nordics

TIBCO Data-Driven Business Transformation in the Nordics
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Home to over 27 million people and comprising five sovereign countries including Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden, I find the Nordics to be one of the most interesting and innovative regions in the world.

Its unique geography is diverse with Lapland’s conifer forests, Norway’s fjords, and Iceland’s volcanic landscape contrasting sharply with cosmopolitan Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo, and Stockholm. Home to world-leading industrial firms such as ASEA/ABB, Jotun, and Volvo; leading energy firm Equinor; and world-class innovators such as Ericsson, Nokia, Novo Nordisk, and Spotify, the region is incredibly prosperous.

Like the rest of the world, data is transforming the landscape of how Nordics citizens live and work, how commerce occurs, how its governments engage, and so much more.  Accelerating this transformation is Enfo, TIBCO’s strategic partner and exclusive reseller of TIBCO solutions in the Nordic and Baltic Countries.

To better understand data-driven innovation in the Nordics, I reached out to Enfo Group’s Björn Arkenfall, Executive Vice President.

Hallå Björn.  Let’s start with a little background on Enfo Group?

“We are a Nordic IT service company enabling our client’s data-driven business transformation. With our deep expertise across hybrid platforms, information management and applications, we bring together relevant data for more intelligent operations that drive long-term business value. Because data is where the magic happens, we help our clients optimize how they manage, refine, analyze, and use data. Our 900 experts pride ourselves in our ability to master complexity, build and run transformative digital solutions, and support our over 370 customers with genuine care.”

Tell me about your TIBCO partnership.

“We have been working with TIBCO for over 18 years, initially focused on enterprise application integration, service-oriented architecture, events, messaging, and other capabilities that optimize our client’s operations.  This integration foundation has continued to evolve in line with technology change, so today this domain includes significant work in REST, JSON, API management, and of course cloud migration. Over time, as TIBCO added analytics capabilities and a broad set of data management solutions, we also added these to our solution mix.”

Over 370 customers across the Nordics!  That should give Enfo an excellent vantage point on the kinds of data-driven transformation underway.  How are Nordics organizations transforming today?

“I would say, in general, that Nordics organizations have moved quickly to adopt data-driven business transformation. Fastest are newer, smaller companies that have less legacy infrastructure and can build modern data-driven business processes from the start. While older larger companies started transforming sooner, they have more to do.  As an example, in 2013 we helped one of our customers move all event-based integrations and analytics to the cloud. That was really early and has proved to be a great foundation for continued transformations.”

It seems data is a key enabler. But data can be troublesome. How do you help your clients overcome typical data challenges?

“Our clients understand that the data produced by everyday activities can be worth more than gold. But their data is scattered in multiple places and often unavailable when they need it most. They are not sure the data is reliable, or struggle to combine it. Complying with data management regulations requires a lot of effort. And data ownership might be unclear, too. 

We help them combine, refine, and analyze their data on the road to transformative business value.  Our success formula combines several key elements including:

  • A more holistic approach to data management that spans data engineering, data management, and data analytics disciplines.
  • Modern data management solutions, such as TIBCO’s master data management and data virtualization offerings that build on legacy data investments rather than rip and replace them. 
  • A clear data architecture vision that takes advantage of the cloud and all the other great data storage and processing options available today.
  • To make the above work in a synchronized, business-driven way, we have our Enfo Baseline(R) best practices that help our clients move faster based on our experiences.
  • Plus a deep bench of talented architects, developers, project managers, and more that complement our clients’ internal teams.” 

Based on the customer cases on your website, your approach appears to drive huge business impact.  Can you share a few highlights? 

“Taking care not to exploit sensitive competitive information, here are a few examples. We have helped retail clients optimize their logistics to reduce supply chain costs.  We have also helped them engage with their end-customers in a more personalized, data-driven way to increase revenues.

We have helped hospitality clients use data to optimize customer experiences. For example, we helped a hotel chain capture and analyze restaurant data to optimize service levels and reduce food waste, resulting in happier guests, lower costs, and a greener business model. 

Making decisions faster is something all our clients care about these days.  We help them remove classic batch delays to make their data more available, more widely, sooner.” 

Because data is where the magic happens, we help our clients optimize how they manage, refine, analyze, and use data. Click To Tweet

If Nordics based organizations wanted to explore data-driven business transformation opportunities with Enfo, how do they reach you?

“Readers can contact us directly to start a conversation about their data-driven business transformation opportunities and how Enfo can help. We also regularly publish blogs, hold webinars, and write papers about data-driven opportunities and use cases.