Spotfire 11: Hyperconverged Analytics Unleashed

TIBCO Spotfire 11
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Converging analytics capabilities and roles are trending. Are you ready?

The value of analytics is found in salient, unexpected insights—and in surfacing and sharing those discoveries with the entire organization, faster. TIBCO Spotfire 11 is built to provide more of this value, by taking advantage of a trend recently noted by Gartner. That trend is the convergence of analytics capabilities and user roles. In this blog, you’ll learn more about this convergence, and why this next evolution of Spotfire is uniquely able to meet the need of converging analytics teams for more quality insights, fast.

The future state of analytics goes beyond “zombie dashboards”

Why has Gartner called attention to the trending convergence of analytics capabilities and roles? Organizations increasingly realize that, to increase the quality and quantity of insights obtained from analytics, you need to go beyond flat, static dashboards and analytics silos. Doing so requires a convergence of capabilities and roles.

Specifically, you need a team empowered to deliver:

  • Dynamic, immersive analysis and dashboarding. Data analysts need to be able to drill down into interesting patterns quickly, whether through brushlinking or multilayer geoanalytics. They need to spend less time preparing data and waiting for IT support, and more time immersed in insights discovery. And analysts need to ensure that nothing interesting is missed, by using AI-enabled analytics to suggest new paths for exploration.
  • Embedded data science. To expand the impact of data science resources for richer analytics, you need an analytics platform that enables data scientists and advanced analysts to put the algorithm and embedded Python and R scripts “behind the button” for other analysts and business users alike. In this way, the entire organization can go, in one click, beyond descriptive and diagnostic analytics to predictive and prescriptive analytics. 
  • Simplified access to more data, including real-time data, for analysis. Especially during times of unprecedented change, you need more than rear-view mirror historic data for analysis. Ideally, you need a seamless way to perform analysis that includes both historic and real-time data, and an analytics platform that supports fast access to ANY data that could be relevant for insights. Further, you need a platform that speeds and automates data preparation and data wrangling.

Anything less, and you’re trapped in the land of flat analytics dashboards, or what we call “zombie dashboards.” Like zombies from a horror movie, flat dashboards might seem alive—but they’re metaphorically eating your organization’s best brains by failing to quickly deliver the most valuable insights. Flat dashboards are an artifact of a non-converged approach to analytics, and these zombie dashboards can’t support a converging analytics future.

Why the future of analytics is Hyperconverged

This converging analytics future is brought to life in the newest major release of TIBCO Spotfire, Spotfire 11. Not only does Spotfire 11 enable immersive analytics, embedded data science, and real-time streaming analytics—and the “analytics-as-team-sport” approach taken by analytics-mature organizations—it does so in a way that’s seamless, robust, and provides full support for the governance needed. Spotfire 11 goes beyond convergence into “hyperconvergence.”

The “hyper” in Hyperconverged Analytics isn’t just hype. With Spotfire 11, Hyperconverged Analytics means you get the insights that can result in: 

  • Hypereffective customer intimacy. By making it easier to blend historic and real-time analytics, you can outperform your competition in providing world-class customer experiences and customer service. See the Bank of Montreal case study for one such example.
  • Hyperefficient business operations. With immersive, smart, and real-time analytics in a seamless analytics platform, you can go well beyond descriptive and diagnostic analytics for best-in-class operational efficiency. See CAF’s case study for how this works in the real world.
  • Hypereconomical waste reduction. No matter the waste reduction use case—whether in manufacturing, logistics, or any other industry—Hyperconverged Analytics gives you the most valuable insights. See Hemlock Semiconductor’s case study for what the benefits can be.

Unleash your analytics creativity with Spotfire Mods

Not only does Spotfire 11 take you beyond zombie dashboards by enabling Hyperconverged Analytics, it makes it easier to create more value and more insights through fit-for-purpose custom analytics applications. With our newly introduced Spotfire Mods, a lightweight framework for building custom analytics apps that leverage all the power of Spotfire, you can quickly create governed, easy-to-share applications that extend the power of custom analytics insights wherever they’re needed most. 

These apps can further extend the power of Spotfire’s immersive, hyperconverged experience across your organization through visualizations that bring the most valuable insights to life. 

The value of analytics is found in salient, unexpected insights—and in surfacing and sharing those discoveries with the entire organization, faster. Click To Tweet

Get ready for the convergence—read the Gartner report, view our webinars

To sum up—the need for better insights, faster, points towards a convergence of analytics technologies and roles. How will you know you’re ready for the convergence discussed by Gartner? Read their report for the background you need. And remember, with Hyperconverged Analytics, Spotfire 11 brings the power of that convergence to your teams and your organization, while unleashing their creativity with Spotfire Mods custom analytics apps. 

Ready to learn more about Spotfire 11? Learn more about why Spotfire Mods matter—watch Spotfire Product Manager Magnus Rylander discuss the power of Mods here. And trial it free, now.