Why TIBCO Spotfire is the Ideal Tool for Network Analytics

TIBCO Spotfire is the Ideal Tool for Network Analytics
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Any type of network downtime has a significant impact on today’s businesses. According to a recent study by Statista the average cost of IT downtime is between $350,000 and $400,000 per hour. 

For this reason, IT teams rely on network analytics tools to identify key trends and patterns occurring in a network to ensure their networks perform at an optimal level. 

Today, with a steep increase in network complexity and the added pressure of demand for improved reliability, there’s a need for an evolution in approach to network monitoring. IT teams need richer analytics along with monitoring to surface issues before they become problems. TIBCO Spotfire is a proven solution. Using search and recommendations powered by a built-in artificial intelligence (AI) engine, Spotfire enables you to more easily visualize new discoveries about your network. 

Let’s have a look at some of the capabilities of TIBCO Spotfire that makes it an ideal tool for Network Analytics.

1. Smart, Immersive Visual Analytics

  • Spotfire offers a user-friendly interface providing visual tools for easy data exploration so you can quickly get insights from your data. The rich and interactive dashboards, brushlinking, and point-and-click data exploration provide powerful analytics capabilities. 
  • Powered by AI, Spotfire automatically recommends various visualizations for different relationships in your data, making it far faster and easier to get insights. AI recommendations help in loading, linking, categorizing, and navigating data for an overall faster analysis.  
  • Spotfire makes it easy for analytics and business leaders to build analytical applications through a guided workflow. 

2. Location Analytics

  • Location Analytics in Spotfire provides spatial analytics for everyone. Its depth and analytical capabilities make it easier to understand predictions and optimization through locations. Spotfire automatically adds location context to your analysis that would not be possible using traditional charts and tables.  
  • Multi-layer maps allow you to drill down, within, and between layers to add more context to your maps for location-based insights. This can be further enriched by including other data sources and adding multiple layers to the data. 

3. Real-Time Analytics 

  • Understanding what is happening in real-time is imperative for Network Analytics. TIBCO Spotfire natively supports real time streaming data to provide real-time views into the network, enabling real time analysis. 
  • Spotfire data streams are designed for demanding network enterprise environments with tens of millions of events a day per network, and thousands of continuous, streaming queries. 

Why Your Investment in Network Analytics Demands Spotfire’s Capabilities 

According to an IDC FutureScape Report, there will be an acceleration to cloud-centric technologies and edge deployments will be a top priority. These are the top two trends we could see in the near future; what weaves them together is the network health of your business. To make your business operations resilient and drive competitive advantage, you need network analytics that bring the most valuable insights to you. 

The bottom line: You have to know why your network behaves the way it does. You need to be able to compare historic data with real-time data in a single environment for the most current, comprehensive view of IT networks, and for the insights into behavior that matter most. Network Analytics empowers your IT teams with information about network health, helps your leaders determine performance trends, and provides historical network data that can provide benefits for the entire enterprise. 

From traffic to business initialization with application sharing, IT teams need insights to solve business problems. Network analytics pinpoints specific issues determining what, when, and how. Predictive analytics assists to potentially prevent future performance network issues if a repeated event is suggested by the data. And Spotfire shines in immersive, smart, real-time analytics, enabling predictive and even prescriptive analytics.

Powered by AI, Spotfire automatically recommends various visualizations for different relationships in your data, making it far faster and easier to get insights. Click To Tweet

Forward-thinking IT organizations are increasingly adopting solutions like TIBCO Spotfire, because of the value provided through instant AI solutions to solve real-time requirements with intelligent and automated network insights. To learn more about how to implement Network Analytics for your businesses, please contact us.