Get Started Mod-ifying Custom Analytics Apps in Spotfire 11

Custom Analytics Apps in TIBCO Spotfire 11
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Whether “Interactive AI”, streaming analytics in the web client, or native Python data functions, Spotfire X made advanced analytics and data exploration more accessible with insights for everyone. Spotfire 11 builds upon this foundation—offering a world of your own design—to extend those insights with Spotfire Mods. Borrowing the concept from gaming cultures, Mods allow Spotfire users to tailor fit-for-purpose analytics applications by modifying components to create unique value in their analytics investments.

TIBCO Spotfire Mods: Immersive, Smart Visualizations

Mods represent the latest leap in the evolution towards Hyperconverged Analytics. As we described in a previous blog, traditional rearview Business Intelligence (BI) can no longer keep pace with the rate of change and complexities facing businesses today based on historical data alone served up in flat dashboards. Immersive, smart, and real-time components of Hyperconverged Analytics offer richer, deeper insights for decision support right where and when enterprise knowledge workers need it. And immersive qualities for exploration and discovery are only bolstered when amplified by the force multipliers of smart (embedded Data Science) and real-time (streaming data). 

While visual analytics have proven powerful standing alone as fully interactive and responsive applications and dashboards, that power is magnified exponentially when you know that visualizations are backed by real-time analysis with embedded data science models. 

In this network graph visualization Mod (pictured below), we’re able to explore relationships of multivariate data immersively in ways that no other native out-of-the-box Spotfire visualization allows. This particular example illustrates a data science and machine learning model showing similarity of different nodes based on common characteristics.

Network Graph visualization created with Spotfire Mods

Visualize Scenarios On-the-Fly for Deeper, Smarter Context

Immersive and smart, visualization Mods offer the power to dynamically highlight, mark, and filter to isolate insights from the noise with Spotfire’s native brush-linked functionality. They can also be custom-configured to interact with any library, API, or workflow—all while leveraging Spotfire’s built-in capabilities. And because Mods are both immersive and smart, users are able to quickly visualize completely different scenarios on-the-fly, adapting for insight. Deeper, smarter context is recalculated and revealed—at the speed of thought—for clusters and outliers across such a wide range of industry applications. These include, but are not limited to: Customer Experience and social network analysis, fraud identification of bad actors in both Financial services and government intelligence, or even supply chain resource management. In these ways, fit-for-purpose Mods make it easy to rapidly develop your very own domain-specific business apps and make those freely available to other users in the Spotfire Library.

Start Creating Custom Analytics Apps with Mods

Immersive, smart, and real-time Hyperconverged Analytics capabilities create net-new value greater than the sum of individual parts. For a closer look at all of “What’s New in Spotfire®,” watch our 20-minute intro webinar on-demand, or visit our Mods Hub.