How to Transform Your Business with New Generation Analytics

TIBCO Hyperconverged Analytics
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In a world where the only constant is change, uncertainty is a given. To manage such uncertainty, organizations need robust analytic capabilities that allow for agile and speedy decision making. 

In fact, the recent pandemic has spurred companies to invest more in analytics, not less, to manage the complexity of the situation. According to a recent IDC InfoBrief, sponsored by TIBCO, Readying Enterprises for the New Generation of Analytics, 70 percent of managers and directors confirm that in the past 12 months their executives have explicitly called for their enterprises to become more data driven. The IDC InfoBrief outlines how organizations can invest intelligently in a new generation of analytics to meet new demands. 

To move from crisis to recovery, organizations must leave traditional architectures behind and invest in modern analytic solutions that will address current diverse data analysis needs and eliminate data and analytics silos. 

The New Generation of Analytics: Hyperconverged Analytics

Data and analytics silos, plus lack of alignment across IT and the business, ultimately lead to lower data literacy, inefficient use of analytics in operations, limited actionable insights, and lower overall productivity. So, traditional analytics no longer meet modern requirements.  

But, let’s step back, what exactly are these modern requirements? The IDC InfoBrief identifies three primary use cases that your analytic platforms must be able to handle:

  1. Data exploration and insights discovery
  2. Enterprise performance management 
  3. Decision automation 

Instead of using stand-alone solutions to address each of these use cases, more and more organizations are looking to converge analytics, data science, and streaming solutions with a unified, user-friendly analytics architecture. The future of analytics is therefore hyperconverged, bringing together analytics and data science capabilities to enable faster, smarter decisions and better business outcomes. 

This new generation of converged analytics will bring many benefits, as outlined in IDC’s research, including:

  • 66% Results of analysis more frequently influencing action 
  • 65% Greater trust in results of analysis 
  • 61% More employees at all levels are being supported by output of BI and analytics
  • 59% Faster time to insights 
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TIBCO Hyperconverged analytics combines visual analytics, data science, and streaming analytics into a single, seamless experience that delivers immersive, smart, and real-time business insights across the enterprise. 
To see the full research and analysis, check out the full IDC InfoBrief here. And for more information on how TIBCO enables hyperconverged analytics, head to