6 Cool Tips for Customers in July

6 Cool Tech Tips for Summer TIBCO
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Over the last few months, we’ve seen you, our customers, be innovative in your businesses as you’ve adapted and shifted to a new way of working. We know this journey is not over, and your strategy and technology needs will continue to evolve. Managing this evolution to ensure the sustainability of the long term health of your business is a crucial step as you continue to face immediate challenges.

Learn more about Sustainable Innovation, our theme of this year’s TIBCO NOW brought to you wherever you are in an easy-to-consume, customizable connected experience. The TIBCO Connected Experience.  Watch this video, featuring TIBCO COO Matt Quinn and CMO Fred Studer, to learn how the TIBCO Connected Experience opportunity can help you sustain innovation in your organization.

And read on for more tips!

CXO Insight of the Month: Elevate Customer Experience for the Next Normal

Having reinvented your customer engagement during the coronavirus crisis, it’s time to look to the next normal. How will you respond? Read this article for key tips on preparing for digital recovery, adopting a safe and contactless customer journey as your default, and predicting what customers want rather than waiting for them to ask. Learn more. 

Having reinvented your customer engagement during the coronavirus crisis, it’s time to look to the next normal. How will you respond? Click To Tweet

Empower Users Across Your Organization with Analytics

How do you support and scale your entire organization to foster innovation? Cross-organization insight can be accelerated if you equip everyone with the right tools. Agriscience leader Bayer Crop Science was able to drive innovation in digital farming by empowering over 14,000 users with analytics. Learn how you can too.

Put Data at the Core of Your Business Strategy

Data is at the center of every successful business strategy. Smarter decision-making, better customer experiences, and greater operational efficiency results when you build robust data foundations and architecture that flexibly delivers the insights you need. Read how you can put data at the core of your business strategy in this report from MIT Technology Review.

Want the Inside Scoop? Join the TIBCO League! 

The TIBCO League is an exciting “insider program” exclusively designed for our customers. Use it to boost your TIBCO skills, access new releases, engage with industry experts, provide product feedback, and more. You can even win special rewards along the way as a thank you for your valued engagement. Sign up today. 

How a Data-Driven Feedback Loop Can Fuel Innovation

Sense. Respond. Optimize. That’s the basis of an intelligent feedback loop. Whether you are a world-renowned motorsport team or an insurance company, you can apply a data-driven feedback loop to accelerate innovation. Read how three organizations used the insights from their feedback loops to transform their business and how you can too.

Use this Blueprint to Build a Modern Application Architecture

Business agility is a business imperative. A modern application architecture that is highly responsive not only helps make your business more resilient, it also provides the foundation for rapid innovation. Build your modern application architecture and take advantage of strategy, people, process, and technology best practices using the new TIBCO Responsive Application Mesh blueprint. For an overview of the TIBCO Responsive Application Mesh, watch the on-demand webinar.

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