8 Must-See Virtual Keynotes on Data and Analytics

TIBCO Virtual Keynote Series
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Digital businesses require a data-centric view of the business that is built on a strong foundation of integration, data management, and analytics. Only by putting accurate, consistent data at the core with effective data management, can businesses employ advanced analytics and data science to drive greater value from their data.

Digital businesses require a data-centric view of the business that is built on a strong foundation of integration, data management, and analytics. Click To Tweet

To help you get started with data management and analytics, we’ve put together a virtual hub of customer success stories and keynotes. Here is a quick overview of some of the available sessions: 

  • Data-Driven Tools Tackle Scotland’s Agricultural Pollution: Did you know Scotland’s most common pollution problem is agricultural diffused pollution? This keynote walks through how the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) implemented an analytics-based farm compliance inspection system to improve decision making, maintain compliance, and reduce environmental impact. 
  • Data Science in Formula One and Beyond: Data science is increasingly used in sports. This demonstration, using a Formula One simulator and digital twins, shows how data science can help to analyze a race car’s lap performance to predict lap times and the likelihood of a crash.
  • Invitalia Implements Process Mining to Boost Economic Growth: Invitalia, an agency of the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance, supports the economic growth of companies. To pursue its goal, Invitalia developed a process mining framework that helps discover meaningful insights using data visualization and machine learning.
  • Data Science & Driving Fast, Predictive Insights into Health Trends: To help with the COVID-19 situation, TIBCO is working to understand outbreak hotspots and estimate the effects of non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs). In this webinar, see the team use immersive visualizations and advanced analytic capabilities to explore intervention trends. 
  • How Emerging Technologies Are Driving Operational Excellence: Innovation is not only about staying relevant. It’s about trailblazing a market revolution. Join this webinar with guest speakers from Forrester and CargoSmart to hear Forrester’s advice on how to become an emerging technologies adoption leader and CargoSmart’s success in identifying key challenges and designing solutions to meet the data demands.  
  • Using Data Intelligently: Data Management Patterns in the Digital Economy: To manage today’s rising tide of data, businesses need to effectively manage all their data assets. Join the ranks of what IDC calls “digitally determined.” Watch this webinar to understand the most common data management trends and challenges. 
  • Driving Self-service Analytical Applications with Data Catalogs: As organizations collect and store data from more and more places, including distributed cloud platforms, the challenge of identifying the right data to use becomes significantly harder. In this webinar, discover how data catalogs can enable self-service analytics applications, be used as part of an AI/ML lifecycle, and enhance data governance.  
  • Panera Bread’s Digital Transformation: How exactly do companies realize value from their Master Data Management (MDM) investments? Find out in this webinar. We’ll walk through the customer success story of Panera Bread: how it implemented MDM, the challenges it faced, and the resulting successes it found. 

You can access these keynotes from anywhere and start solving the impossible with data. Check out the complete series here to learn more about gaining a competitive advantage with data management and analytics.