Fueling Operational Excellence with Analytics for Schlumberger

TIBCO Fueling Operational Excellence with Analytics for Schlumberger
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Does your organization struggle with optimizing performance? You aren’t alone; organizations across a variety of industries struggle to optimize the performance of their technologies and processes in order to equip their customers with faster and better insights to support growth and production efficiencies.  

The world’s largest oilfield services company, Schlumberger faced this very problem.

In September, Schlumberger formed an innovative collaboration with TIBCO to help solve its growing problem and increase oil exploration and production. The two organizations vowed to work together to further the development of descriptive and advanced analytics with the endgame of delivering powerful new insights from an ever-expanding volume of data to benefit all types of industries. Schlumberger selected TIBCO Spotfire® software to help drive operational performance for customers.

In fact, TIBCO Spotfire® software helped Schlumberger improve operational performance by:

  • Creating a scalable digital foundation for enhancing the services, capabilities, and value of its DELFI environment
  • Addressing the company’s “data overwhelm” challenge and improving data management and quality
  • Using the right data analysis tools to vastly accelerate development in DELFI to provide value for its customers

“Our collaboration with TIBCO is an important development in our commitment to embracing leading ideas and digital technologies. By combining advanced analytics with the deep scientific knowledge and expertise available in our DELFI environment [to increase oil exploration and production], we are enhancing our customers’ ability to drive operational performance,” said Trygve Randen, president, Software Integrated Solutions, Schlumberger.

Now, Schlumberger is able to provide its customers with analytics at massive scale and radically faster time to insight, exceeding demanding customer expectations. As a result, the company was able to quickly manage 270 different data types and 150 different data sources, reduced its development time to 8 days, down from 18 months, and enable all of its use cases to be addressed with analytics.

The collaboration with TIBCO opens up a number of possibilities when it comes to innovation, and DELFI is just one example. This just goes to show that with the right software, you can gain insights faster than ever before and use them to predict confidently and improve production processes. 

To learn more about how Schlumberger and you can use Spotfire® to support exploration and optimized production environments, see the full case study.