The Secret to Fantasy Football Success? APIs

Fantasy Football APIs TIBCO Cloud Mashery
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Is (fantasy) football season your favorite time of year? These days, it isn’t just the team playing in the stadium you’re invested in, it’s the team on your screen, the one you so carefully crafted and drafted, as well. Perhaps the most exciting way to get into the football spirit today is through fantasy football. But, have you ever considered just how all of those statistics appear on your phone immediately after your starting QB throws that game-tying touchdown? 

For starters, why is fantasy football so popular? 

E-sports connect the real world with the digital world, allowing regular Janes and Joes to feel like they are part of something bigger. That connection is made possible by modern technology, and real-time stats and the need to make snap decisions in your fantasy lineup requires just as much strategy as the game itself. 

You can access current player and team rankings, pulling in not only team wins and losses, but individual player stats, including injury updates. Adding, dropping, and trading players can all be done at the touch of a button (and maybe a bit of haggling with a teammate, if you’re going for the trade). Winning your fantasy league is almost as exciting as having your favorite team take home the Super Bowl Championship, right? 

APIs Make E-Sports Possible

Your fantasy football league is made possible by APIs, which provide secure access to the massive amounts of data provided by the leading sports leagues. It all starts with the fantasy football app on your phone. You have access to the endless amount of data on players, teams, and trends in the palm of your hand, in real time. 

Your fantasy team isn’t the only way professional sports are taking advantage of APIs; they enable many of the technologies underpinning modern sports today. Without them, the way we consume sports—in a hands-on manner with additional stakes at play—wouldn’t exist. For example, official league partners, like Sportradar, use API management platforms to create products that distribute data, making the data more consumable to a broad audience. Check out this webinar to see how Sportradar, the official stat provider of several professional leagues including the NFL, uses APIs. 

Just like Fantasy Football, without APIs, your digital business would not be possible today. Download your free trial of TIBCO Cloud™ Mashery® to see what API management can do for you.