“The Biggest Challenge to AI is Us”: 2019 TIBCO Analytics Forum

Michael O’Connell, Chief Analytics Officer, speaks at 2019 TIBCO Analytics Forum
Michael O’Connell, Chief Analytics Officer, speaks at 2019 TIBCO Analytics Forum
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Whether your company is leading the charge forward or picking up the gauntlet thrown down by other digital leaders, everyone can find inspiration from the discussions at the 2019 TIBCO Analytics Forum (TAF). In case you missed this one-of-a-kind event or need a quick recap to take the insights learned home with you, we’ve got our ear to the ground with conversations from TAF 2019. 

Kicking off TAF 2019, TIBCO’s Chief Analytics Officer Michael O’Connell welcomed a more diverse crowd to the once energy-focused conference. Now, TAF pulls together a community of TIBCO Spotfire® and analytics users from Hi-Tech manufacturing, healthcare, consumer goods and food supply, academia and education, and even Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport. 

Spotfire® has been around for 20 years now, but our engineers are always thinking about innovative ways to serve users, including its new features around streaming analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). As TIBCO’s Chief Operating Officer Matt Quinn explained, “While we’ve made strides with AI as an industry, we need to think about the next step.” That step, Quinn explained, is flipping the current AI model, from AI stacked on top of analytics software to AI as the foundation, with the software built upon that intelligent backbone. Only then can we focus on why we’re applying AI and start solving the world’s hardest problems. 

It all boils down to Michael O’Connell’s point that, “In general, TIBCO can help you automate tasks and promote innovation with AI as your foundation.” One way we’re promoting innovation is through our recent membership of the Open Group Open Subsurface Data Universe(OSDU). Johan Krebbers, CIO of Shell, took the stage to share how OSDU eliminated data silos in upstream energy to let everyone innovate. 

Our customers and partners prove the transformative power of analytics

We also heard from other trailblazers who have set the bar for innovation, not just in oil and gas, but in every industry. Their stories prove the power of transformative analytics. Its ability to flip company cultures from siloed to data driven, to spark real growth with insights you can act upon quickly, and to deliver on the promises we’ve all been hearing about over the past few years. 

In the first keynote, we heard from Michelle Kannapel, Director of Business Intelligence and Financial Analytics at Norton Healthcare, who shared some of the innovative ways healthcare providers are leveraging analytics to ensure the highest quality care. By empowering staff with TIBCO data and analytics, Norton Healthcare has increased productivity and efficiency and saved $15 million from the beginning of 2018 to today. 

Next, Troy Ruths, founder and CEO of Petro.ai, explained how energy companies are leveraging advanced analytics in the field to improve efficiency and reduce risk. With TIBCO, Petro.ai can deliver integrated drilling analytics in seconds to improve downstream decision making in real time. 

Troy Ruths, founder and CEO of Petro.ai, speaks at TAF 2019

And finally, the crowd was excited to see Matt Harris, Head of IT at Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport, take the stage to talk about how the Formula 1™ team manages and analyzes massive amounts of data to ensure the performance and reliability of its race cars. The team recently won the FIA Formula One Constructors’ Championship for the sixth consecutive time, and Harris informed the crowd, “We’re going for seven. No team has done it before, but that’s not going to stop us. It’s only through partners like TIBCO that we’re going to do it.”

Your partner for transformative analytics

While TAF 2019 certainly made the path ahead more clear—with best practices, inspiring examples, and action items—it will still require real work and dedication from everyone within your organization to reach that end goal. 

To get there, you need a technology partner with the same passion and commitment to seeing your organization transform and innovate with analytics. The open dialogues and lively debates at TAF 2019 definitely prove one thing: the TIBCO team is energized and ready to empower your business to innovate with analytics. 

To recharge your business’s batteries, get started with TIBCO today to augment the intelligence of your business and gain a competitive advantage.