How to Create Answer-Generating Apps with Embedded Analytics

How to Create Answer-Generating Apps with TIBCO Embedded Analytics
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Your data holds incredible value, but only if it’s being leveraged. The reality is today’s workers don’t want another business intelligence (BI) tool that they have to learn to use. They just want answers. This means that today’s workers are leaving a lot of their data, and thus many valuable insights, unused. 

That’s why TIBCO Jaspersoft® showcased how to create data experiences within your apps at TIBCO NOW London. It’s all about delivering data to users in a way that they can use to be smarter and make better decisions. If you missed our session, don’t worry, read on to get caught up.

Guillaume Autier, Sr. Director Solutions Consulting at TIBCO, and I before our presentation at TIBCO NOW London

To unlock the full value of your data, you need to make the data user-centric. You need to treat data as a feature, ensuring that the data is:

  • Intuitive: Simple to understand 
  • Convenient: Accessible in the right context 
  • Customizable: Viewable how users want it
  • Actionable: Easily acted upon 

But let’s take a step back

What do we mean when we tell you to design apps with “data as a feature?” Let’s start by defining a software feature. According to Aha!, a software feature is “a slice of business functionality that has a corresponding benefit or set of benefits for that product’s end user.” Therefore, data as a feature refers to the act and process of treating data as a core feature of a software product or service in a way that delivers benefit(s) to the end user. 

Why should you care about treating data as a core feature of a product or service?

Because designing software features that enable users to take action on data means you beat out the competition by providing next-level value to your users that most other companies can’t deliver. Software builders that treat data as a core feature of their applications are positioned to unlock the most benefits for their users. 

How embedded BI delivers data as a feature

Companies that have successfully built data features into their applications have done so by first understanding how users want to experience data. This is a crucial step when embedding your data and analytics into users’ preferred apps. 

Once the understanding of the users’ goals and desired experience is understood, embedded BI gives developers the ability to inject reports, dashboards, and data visualizations directly into the UI and user workflows of those applications. The process of embedding puts answers at users’ fingertips, making your applications more valuable and enabling your customers and employees to truly be data-driven.

Want to see data as a feature in action? Check out the new embedded BI demo application we introduced at our TIBCO NOW London breakout session. Take the guided tour to experience an application that treats data as a feature and learn how to create your own answer-generating apps.

BikeRepublic, our new interactive demo app, using TIBCO Jaspersoft® to build engaging data experiences

Learn more about data-driven applications in this “Data as a Feature” technical workshop series and see how you can start immersing BI into your own applications.