Why You Need Streaming Business Intelligence for Your Digital Business

TIBCO Streaming Business Intelligence for Your Digital Business
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In the past, business intelligence (BI) operated like looking in a rear-view mirror, working from historical data to make decisions. It couldn’t work with real-time data. And business users were forced to wait for IT teams to deliver insight with many delays. Obviously, this process didn’t meet the needs of modern digital businesses. They needed a solution that would allow both technical and non-technical workers to see, analyze, and act on data in real time to gain a competitive advantage. 

Fast forward to today, there’s a new sheriff in town: streaming business intelligence (streaming BI), enabling everyone within an organization to access and act upon real-time insights. 

With this new capability, leading digital enterprises are outpacing the other organizations that are stuck with the “rear-view mirror” approach. Streaming BI provides a 360-degree view of real-time operations, so businesses don’t miss out on valuable insights because of a limited or outdated understanding of the data. It delivers visual analytics that everyone can use based on live and historical data with full, user-friendly interactivity. 

But as you look to upgrade to a streaming BI platform, what elements should you be looking for?

Here are 6 Key Elements that are Essential for any Streaming BI Platform:

  1. Join real-time and historical data: Compare both in one visual analytics dashboard or other formats of analysis (business applications, etc.)
  2. Query for the future: Ask every question and compare to past data in real time
  3. Enable native alerts and notifications: Notify users of new results on the go
  4. Continuously update streaming machine learning: Update models in real time 
  5. Out-of-the-box connectivity: Connect streaming data for rapid innovation 
  6. Open access to digital business intelligence for everyone: Democratize corporate data 

With an innovative combination of visual analytics and real-time streaming capabilities, streaming BI is the new brain of any automated digital enterprise nervous system. It provides the next level of insight-driven digital operations for businesses looking to digitally transform and jump ahead of their competitors. From basic queries to advanced analytics, steaming BI helps businesses gain insights in real time to make more informed decisions on the fly. 

This Streaming Business Intelligence dashboard example of F1 car performance is connected to various data sources for real-time monitoring. It is ‘always on’, enabling decision-makers to react and adapt strategies to ever-changing conditions.

Don’t stay stuck in the past, find the right streaming BI platform for you and maximize the value of your visual analytics using real-time streaming data. Download this ebook to learn more about the six key elements of streaming BI that make it essential for every business in the digital age.