A Look at My First 30 days at TIBCO Through the Lens of Spotfire

My First 30 days at TIBCO Through the Lens of Spotfire
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If you’re a data analyst who’s evaluating TIBCO Spotfire, or a Spotfire customer, I’m delighted to virtually meet you—my name is Lori Witzel, I’m the new Director of Product Marketing for Spotfire, and a large part of my role for Spotfire will involve listening to and learning from analysts and customers like you. In this blog, I’ll share a non-traditional look at my first 30 days with TIBCO, using a metaphorical framework that echoes some of what I’ve heard about Spotfire.

Augmented intelligence makes for better outcomes

Listening to and learning from many different sources is a core function for Product Marketing Managers (PMM) and research shows that more sources make for better outcomes. These diverse sources augment a Product Marketer’s own experience and intelligence, making it more likely that the products a PMM supports will delight their customers. (This constant learning is also a key reason why I love being a PMM.) 

In my first 30 days with TIBCO, it’s clear that augmented intelligence is not just what our analytics products provide–it’s infused throughout the organization, in the quality and volume of information shared among teams and via business systems to enable better real-time decision-making. In a less metaphorical way, what I’ve heard from analysts like you: Spotfire’s ability to seamlessly consume disparate data, whether at-rest, streaming, on-premises, or in the cloud, augments business intelligence and enables better decision-making.

Adaptive intelligence transforms—and is transformed by—the process of learning

There are few things more exciting than starting something new–whether it’s a new job or a new high-impact project—learning through discovery changes the way we fit into and improve the world around us. I’m learning and discovering new things every day at TIBCO, and being stretched and challenged in all the best ways. As I adapt and transform myself, I’ve heard that my new-to-TIBCO perspective is transforming how our teams engage with data analysts like you.

My first 30 days at TIBCO have been the start of a great adventure in learning, and you can help me as I learn and evolve. I’d love to connect, and would love to learn if you’ve explored AI-infused discovery in Spotfire X. Message me on Twitter at https://twitter.com/loriaustex

Working and learning at the edge

Because of the importance of listening and learning for a PMM, metaphorically speaking, the role embodies aspects of streaming intelligence. We’re “at the edge,” gathering information from people like you, from disparate sources through real-time engagement and interactions. This information becomes something we can act on to generate insights for our colleagues and our peers. Those insights, in turn, are shared back out to the source – analysts like you – in the form of product enhancements, which in turn leads back to further information gathering. In these early days at TIBCO, the new information I’m exposed to is daunting—but it’s part of working at the edge, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Let’s augment our intelligence together

For data analysts who are ready to evolve their careers and their organizations, Spotfire is the de facto standard for analytics augmented intelligence. My request? Let’s take that next step in augmented intelligence together. If you’re a Spotfire user, an analytics professional, a data scientist, I want to learn from you and hear your analytics stories–what’s important to you, what your use cases have been, how a recent discovery via analytics has made a difference. Look for me at TIBCO NOW London, at other upcoming Spotfire events, or on Twitter at https://twitter.com/loriaustex. I hope you’ll connect, and help make my next 30 days as exciting as my first 30 days.

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