Hang 10: Spotfire Cited as a Leader in Forrester Enterprise BI Wave

TIBCO Spotfire Forrester Wave Business Intelligence

In The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise BI Platforms (Vendor-Managed), Q3 2019, TIBCO Spotfire® is positioned as a Leader following an extensive evaluation of vendors across several key measures. Given its placement, Spotfire® will continue to ride a strong tide of market momentum. According to the report, “customers especially praised Cloud Spotfire for its ease of use and search UI/data discovery and exploration.” 

TIBCO believes that Spotfire®’s scores in the ‘Current Offering’ category are due in large part to the generational set of capabilities introduced in Spotfire® X (version 10). Spotfire® X capabilities extend well beyond basic business intelligence (BI) dashboarding to serve a variety of analytics needs across the enterprise. Spotfire® X’s rich support for artificial intelligence (AI)-powered recommendations along with Natural Language Querying (NLQ) capabilities enables business users to have a conversation with data and explore freely. Additionally, automated workflows for simplified data wrangling further enhance the Spotfire® X experience.

Below is a breakdown of some of the criteria that Spotfire® received the highest possible score in, as well as TIBCO’s take on how it addresses those criteria: 

Augmented Business Intelligence. TIBCO Takeaway: Spotfire®’s machine learning, predictive analytics, and advanced analytics capabilities empower business analysts and other “non-data scientists” to become citizen data scientists with automated, guided workflows.  

Big Data. TIBCO Takeaway: With Spotfire®, users have the ability to connect to and analyze various complex and disparate data sources with ease. Users can ingest and analyze billions of rows of raw, unmodeled data and push query processing to a distributed in-cluster platform.

Data Preparation. TIBCO Takeaway: Today, analytics workers spend approximately 80 percent of their collective analytics time preparing data for analysis. So, while data is widely viewed as the “new oil,” it (much like oil) remains a raw material in need of much refining for the desired byproduct of business insights. Spotfire® is that refinery. And its ranked highly in part for how well it simplifies data wrangling workflows with automated tasks.    

Deployment Options. TIBCO Takeaway:  Spotfire® is designed to scale to a large number of users, data, and physical locations as a versatile best-in-class solution for meeting customers’ unique business requirements whether deployed on-premises or in the cloud.Read the full report to learn why TIBCO Spotfire® is rated as a leader among Vendor-managed Enterprise BI Platforms.