Gilead Uses TIBCO Spotfire to Aid in Drug Safety

Gilead is a research-based pharmaceutical company that discovers, develops, and commercializes medicines for unmet medical needs such as HIV/AIDS, liver diseases, hematology/oncology, and inflammatory diseases. With over 25 products, Gilead is committed to ensuring global access to healthcare.

At Gilead, digital transformation is a continuous process as pharmacological research, development, and manufacturing are constantly changing.  And as an FDA regulated industry, drug safety is paramount. To provide the insights required to thoroughly test drug safety, Gilead needed an analytics platform that would allow for deeper data discovery.

Gilead turned to TIBCO Spotfire for data discovery use cases spanning day-to-day operations monitoring as well as longer-term trend analysis. The tool is used across many teams in the organization; the clinical trials group uses it for statistical analysis, the operations team for live monitoring of data, the submissions team for trend analysis and live monitoring of submissions, and the Maximum Segment Size group for supporting signal detections. The implementation of Spotfire has helped everyone at Gilead better understand their data.

Across this llitany of use cases, Gilead has seen the following benefits from the implementation of Spotfire in its organization:

  • Enabling early detection of unexpected drug safety problems by using Spotfire to identify outliers and patterns in complex, disparate data sources, which saves the business time and increases confidence
  • Cross-team collaboration to find similarities in common data, allowing exploratory data analysis and working with data to be fast and easy for everyone
  • Ability to extract quantitative attributes so teams can see day-to-day operational data and compare it to historical trends while identifying the root cause of outliers

Looking to the future, Gilead’s goals include automation, artificial intelligence, and accelerated use of Spotfire Towards these, the company is also looking to add TIBCO Data Virtualization as a way to expand data sources as well as machine learning to gain even more insights.

For more about how Gilead uses Spotfire to improve drug safety and aid in continuous innovation, read the full case study.