How to Give Your Customers Real-Time Contextual Offers

Reading Time: 2 minutes

As we know in the telecom space, making offers to customers in context and at the right time is very important to retaining customers and capturing revenue opportunities. Let’s say for example an existing customer is interested in upgrading to a new phone, so she comes to your telecom website. However, she finds the phone she had in mind is too expensive, so she clicks off of your website, thus the sale is lost. But what if you could offer that existing customer a relevant discount at the very moment that she goes to click off of the website or offer it to her if she logs back on? That just might save the sale.

But how can you take advantage of this seemingly magical ability to deliver real-time contextual offers? With the TIBCO Connected Intelligence offering. And now, we’ve published a series of demos, e-books and other assets to show you how easy it is to make real-time contextual offers a reality with the TIBCO Connected Intelligence Cloud.

In the demo, you will experience the customer point of view and also learn how to quickly and easily combine TIBCO Connected Intelligence to build such a capability on top of your current customer engagement systems. You’ll see TIBCO Data Science in action and how it can help your company learn from historical customer behavior to target your current customers and with the combination of TIBCO Cloud Live Apps, to deliver these offers at the right time in the context of your customer engagements.

In the demo, you’ll also learn:

  • How collaborative and visually based (rather than code-based) TIBCO Connected Intelligence solutions are. Many vendors talk about it, but we’ll actually show it to you.
  • Deliver contextual, real-time offers to any customer touch point (online, chat, mobile, phone) or to a partner that is selling your product.
  • The ability to package any analytical model as services and expose them in your digital infrastructure wherever it makes sense.

The TIBCO Connected Intelligence platform is the digital platform of choice to support your digital transformation at speed and in a collaborative manner. Its low code and no code capabilities empower a wide range of users from business users to developers to move faster and turn ideas into fully functional apps in days if not hours.

Watch the demo or contact us today to see how TIBCO can help your telecommunications company offer real-time, contextual to your customers.