Spotfire Named a Visionary in the Analytics & BI Platforms Gartner Magic Quadrant

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We’re thrilled to announce that TIBCO was named a visionary in the recently released 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms. Spotfire has made a huge jump upwards, the biggest amongst all the Visionaries. As always, it’s very exciting to see Gartner recognize Spotfire as we have brought together a ton of disparate analytic approaches in the all-new Spotfire X that was released just a few months ago.

Envisioning What’s Next for Analytics & Business Intelligence Platforms

Looking ahead to the next decade of insight-driven enterprises, we realize customers are looking at analytics and business intelligence platforms to bring substantial value to the business. They are definitely not looking for just another shiny toy. Companies need a complete platform that doesn’t require analytics users to jump from tool to tool to do fundamental tasks such as data-prep, especially when 80% of the analysis time is spent there. Gartner provides a nice definition for these modern tools:

“Modern analytics and business intelligence (BI) platforms are characterized by easy-to-use tools that support the full analytic workflow — from data preparation and ingestion to visual exploration and insight generation…The holy grail is for customers to have both Mode 1 and Mode 2 capabilities in a single, seamless platform that draws on existing assets but also has emerging best-of-breed capabilities.”

Enter Spotfire X: The Most Complete Analytics Platform

Every business has pockets of users with different requirements. Keeping all of the users happy requires a platform that adapts to the needs of everyone, growing with their needs as their analytics sophistication increases.

The Spotfire platform delivers self-service analytics for everyone and works with all kinds of data: data at rest and in motion (including real-time streaming data). The completely reimagined user experience in Spotfire X helps people get faster and better insights from more data—as it’s generated in real time. The Spotfire platform offers visual analytics, data wrangling, streaming analytics, geoanalytics, and predictive analytics capabilities packaged in a beautiful, intuitive user experience.

Gartner summarizes the Spotfire platform in the report as, “Spotfire offers extensive capabilities for analytics dashboards, interactive visualization and data preparation in a single design tool and workflow. It also offers flexible processing options, either in-memory or in-database…TIBCO has continued to expand its capabilities to include data science, machine learning (ML) and streaming analytics, location intelligence, data cataloging and data virtualization. Its latest release — Spotfire X — adds automated insight generation, NLQ and augmented visual data preparation. It also includes enhancements to real-time analytics and a single, simplified user interface.”

Spotfire X Address All Use Cases

Recognizing the strengths of Spotfire, Gartner wrote the following in the report:

“TIBCO is in the top third for product scores overall, with ratings of excellent or outstanding for the majority of critical capabilities. It has particular strengths in data source connectivity, data storage and loading options, advanced analytics for citizen data scientists, analytic dashboards and embedded BI. Superior product functionality is the main reason why reference customers selected Spotfire (a higher percentage selected this reason for TIBCO than for any other vendor in this Magic Quadrant).”

Ease of Use for Complex Types of Analysis

Gartner further noted that Spotfire X’s user interface has improved and the user workflow is streamlined, making the platform easy to use for complex types of analysis with features like machine learning based data preparation, end-to-end user workflow in a single interface, drag and drop advanced analytic functions, automated insights, streaming analytics, and integration with data science.

Industry’s First Streaming Business Intelligence Solution

Spotfire’s original vision of providing business users a self-service analytics platform inspired innovation in the industry, resulting in today’s modern BI platforms. With Spotfire X, we are reimagining the future of analytics in the IoT-connected world by becoming the only BI platform in the industry designed from the ground up to provide self-service analytics for digital operations based on IoT, GPS, real-time logs, and digital transactions. These can all be evaluated in real time with live Spotfire visualizations, filtering, aggregations, linking, sorting, exploration, and automated actions. A significant point of distinction is that Spotfire offers complete interactive analytics as opposed to other providers who just show “view-only” charts that visualize data.

What’s Next

If you’re as excited as we are to learn more about where the analytics market is heading, download the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and BI Platforms and check out how Spotfire X is the most complete analytics platform available today.  

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