Deploy Anywhere, Manage Everywhere with Cloud-Native Mashery

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TIBCO is proud to announce that its API Management solution, TIBCO Cloud Mashery®, is now fully cloud-native. TIBCO Cloud Mashery is the ultimate API Management solution for enterprises moving toward cloud-native architectures in order to develop and deploy faster, align seamlessly with their DevOps tooling and processes. and achieve the speed, agility, and innovation that digital businesses require.

Cloud-Native Scaling

Scale dynamically across the cloud, wherever your API management solution or APIs are deployed, using the API platform that runs more cloud API traffic than any other provider, TIBCO Cloud Mashery.  With first-class support for Kubernetes, Mashery lets you manage your entire API platform, APIs of connected apps and microservices within the same containerized environment.

Deploy Anywhere

You can now utilize the market’s leading platform’s capabilities to align with any DevOps or enterprise cloud strategy in any environment including any public cloud, private cloud, or fully containerized on-premises system. Cloud-native Mashery is a seamless fit with DevOps app development and deployment processes because it operates within the same containerized environments and includes seamless integration with native DevOps tooling.

Manage your APIs from Everywhere

In the cloud-native world, APIs can truly live anywhere, changing how they are managed and secured. With TIBCO Cloud Mashery, you can control your entire API program, regardless of where your APIs run — in the cloud, on-premises, or at the edge. And while your services and microservices may reside anywhere, you can manage them all using one platform (including microgateways), through a single pane of glass.

These are just a few of the great things that the all-new TIBCO Cloud Mashery can do for your digital business. To find out more, download a free trial today.