Building Custom Analytics Applications with TIBCO Spotfire X

Reading Time: 2 minutes

TIBCO Spotfire is a rich and flexible business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform with features that can be quickly and easily configured to solve a myriad of business problems right out of the box. However, there may be situations where your solution requires additional capabilities or customization. Fear not— with Spotfire APIs, you can build custom analytic applications that let you tailor analytics to your business needs.
From accessing data from a proprietary database to incorporating your business logic into a Spotfire interactive analysis to adding a new type of visualization specific to your domain, Spotfire APIs help you solve a wide range of analytic challenges.
The Spotfire X Developer platform includes a comprehensive set of APIs to support a variety of use cases and extend Spotfire’s capabilities such as:

  • Creating custom tools, visualizations, data functions and other components with the Spotfire Extensions API. Your custom extensions can easily be shared and reused by multiple users in multiple analysis files.
  • Embedding Spotfire Visual Analytics in your web application and have full interactivity by using the Spotfire JavaScript Mashup API. With the API, you can manage bidirectional communication between your web application and Spotfire. For example, you can access and manipulate filtering, marking, or other properties in the Spotfire analysis.
  • Automating and configure your Spotfire dashboard by using the Spotfire Automation API from IronPython scripts, extensions, or Automation Services jobs. The built-in script support allows you to easily enrich your dashboard by automating complex tasks and creating customized workflows.
  • Integrating Spotfire with external software systems by using the Spotfire Server APIs and web services. For example, you can create a Java plugin to customize the authentication flow and configure users and groups, or you can call web services to control the Spotfire Library.

To learn more about the different APIs available in the Spotfire Developer platform and how they can be applied to various business needs, watch the webinar, Building Custom Analytics Applications with TIBCO Spotfire X, and try Spotfire X for free with a 30-day trial.