Xactly Uses Data Science to Reveal Gender Bias in Sales Compensation

Valuable information is often hidden in mountains of data that companies aren’t able to fully comprehend or turn into relevant, usable insights. Xactly, a company specializing in incentive compensation solutions, had collected data on compensation plans of more than 300,000 sales professionals over 13 years but needed help leveraging it to grow their business and gain a competitive edge. Xactly knew that the data they had collected on hundreds of companies would be valuable to their customers if harnessed correctly, yet they needed a way to normalize the data, aggregate it, break it down, and pull meaningful metrics for analysis.
With the help of TIBCO® Data Science Xactly was able to convert the 13 years worth of data into actionable information and surface key unseen patterns in the data about gender pay inequality.
Xactly found that while women sales professionals performed better overall, their compensation was on average lower than males in the same role. The use of TIBCO Data Science allowed the company to turn raw data into an impactful story. Xactly even turned the magnifying glass on itself, changing the pay structure for several of their own employees they did not realize were being inaccurately compensated.
By uncovering powerful, industry-wide relevant information about gender bias in the pay of sales professionals, Xactly built a powerful thought leadership tool which allowed others to take a closer look at the gender pay gap, reinforcing Xactly’s position as a leader in the sales compensation industry.
With the assistance of TIBCO, Xactly has been able to focus its strategic vision for the future. Especially helpful for the company’s strategic services organization, which focuses on consulting, Xactly uses TIBCO Data Science to help customers build out better incentive plans and to better understand the sales compensation industry as a whole. Supporting plans and suggestions with real-world data, Xactly continues to increase customers’ trust and confidence in the programs they offer.
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