AI and Machine Learning Inside and Out in Spotfire X

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are quickly moving beyond the hype, and into real business process and practice. Increasingly, recommender systems in analytics software sift out undesired choices, anomaly detectors alert investigators of likely incidents, and propensity models capture potential buyers for campaign targeting.

TIBCO Spotfire has technology that spans all the way from predictive models to dynamic visual dashboards, so it has always been the top choice for developing AI applications. Once data is made available via the Spotfire connectors, the next step is to start building a visual workflow. However, as datasets grow wider and taller, finding insightful combinations of variables becomes like searching for needles in a haystack. This is why we have added AI-powered suggestions throughout Spotfire X: to ease the burden of hunting through your data by trial and error.

These new AI driven algorithms in Spotfire X operate as you use the product and help focus your journey towards data discoveries. The algorithms automatically inform your choices along the way, while still leaving you free to decide how to develop your analysis.

Using this new AI functionality is pretty straightforward. In the new Spotfire X data panel, you simply select a variable of interest and this sets the algorithms in motion. The robust and scalable algorithms will automatically find the top related variables, including those that interact with each other, to affect your chosen variable.

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Even better, these algorithms are integrated into Spotfire X’s new natural language query feature. Thus, another way to start finding relationships is by simply asking a question about a variable. Once relationships are identified, Spotfire X automatically recommends one or more visualizations that depict those relationships. You can pick and choose the visualizations that most resonate with your goals and easily add them to your dashboard. After that, you have all the convenience and power of Spotfire X’s visualization, dashboarding and advanced curation features at your disposal in order to design and deploy your visual workflows to your audience.

To learn more about how the new Spotfire X AI-powered insights work watch the webinar, AI and TIBCO Spotfire X: Inside and Out, and try out a 30-day free trial of Spotfire X.