How One Customer Overcame Their Regulatory Compliance Issues with an API Management Platform

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Reading Time: 2 minutes, a firm that helps companies understand and implement regulatory changes, is using an API management platform to provide its services to clients in banking and finance, accounting, legal, and other highly regulated industries. These organizations have far more stringent regulations than most industries, as well as more critical consequences,  should those regulations not be followed. has a massive repository of financial regulatory content that they maintain to help their customers stay compliant with ever-changing regulations. aggregates its content from government agencies, regulatory publications, white papers, the news media, and other sources. Unfortunately, the financial software firm wasn’t able to collect and aggregate their content efficiently enough to be of real benefit to customers.

That’s why turned to TIBCO’s API management platform, TIBCO Cloud™ Mashery. With TIBCO Cloud Mashery, is now able to quickly access content on one single platform in order to respond to change faster than ever before.

TIBCO Cloud Mashery’s ability to translate and clean up data from millions of sources also makes it easy for developers to build new applications around their own GRC (government, risk management, and compliance) and IRM (information rights management) needs, as well as into their own content management systems. This means that each of’s customers has the potential to access regulatory change information from their own FinTech application.

For finance firms, time is money, and response time to regulatory change is no exception. While some larger corporations might have no trouble assigning excess to employees to perform that research, many smaller firms don’t always have the means. Regulatory change responsiveness is the top priority for a majority in the industry, and real-time access to all relevant data is the best way to ensure your firm stays compliant.

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