16 Cool New Features Released with Spotfire 7.14

We have been working hard to make Spotfire even better for you, and I am very pleased to let you know that Spotfire 7.14 is now available. With this release, we are delivering 16 new features and enhancements. Here are some highlights:

Data Wrangling: Insert Rows, Columns, and Data Transformations Before Other Nodes

Continuing on our theme of “Edit Everything”, we have now added the capability to add rows, columns, and data transformations anywhere within an existing data table structure. In the screenshot below you can see this feature shows as a “+” sign in the source view. This is really useful for the user to add more data to the existing data structure as it becomes available.


Data Access Improvements

We have added a number of enhancements and new features with respect to data access in Spotfire. Here are a few key ones:

  • Spotfire now has a new and improved Salesforce connector that supports federated authentication and doesn’t need an ODBC driver. It uses Salesforce bulk API for quick access to millions of Salesforce records and allows loading of more than 2000 rows from Salesforce reports.
  • Username and password authentication are now supported for Microsoft Analysis Services. With the added support for username and password authentication, you can now connect Spotfire directly to Microsoft Azure Analysis Services.
  • TIBCO Cloud Spotfire and the Spotfire on-premises platform can now connect to Amazon RDS SQL Server data using Microsoft SQL Server connector. This means Spotfire analysis files stored in the Spotfire (Cloud) library can query Amazon RDS SQL Server directly from the web-based clients, Spotfire Business Author and Consumer.

Map Chart and Shapefiles

If you work with map charts and shapefiles, you will appreciate these improvements:

  • Spotfire now automatically sets coordinate reference systems by recognizing the projection formats associated with Shapefiles.
  • More coordinate reference systems are now supported with greater details.

For a full list of features release in Spotfire 7.14, please visit web and community.