What TIBCO Spotfire and Your T-Shirt Have in Common

Whether it’s your bed sheets at night, a towel after a shower, the t-shirt you wear all day, or the money you hand the barista, cotton is literally a part of your life. Fortunately, there are standards set for this fabric we so often use. The USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service Cotton and Tobacco Program is responsible for setting and regulating these standards across the industry in order to ensure that the cotton is of a certain quality before being used in so many everyday products. In order to establish these standards and grade the cotton produced, they are required to test samples collected across the country and then share those results.

Previously, this process was a complicated one that involved packaging and shipping, testing, lengthy communication processes, and decisions to be made. Spotfire helped them to streamline this process in order to become more efficient. For the USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service Cotton and Tobacco Program, this means that cotton growers are then able to take their cotton to market faster, in turn getting the product into the hands (and onto the backs) of consumers more quickly.

Things are done in real time and feedback is instant. Not only does this mean that time and money are saved, it also means that inaccuracies or issues are caught before there is a real problem making preventative action possible.

The program knew they needed to be more efficient with their resources and TIBCO Spotfire was the way to do so. From great visualizations to easy learning, Spotfire has been key in achieving quality results.

To see what the Deputy Administrator of the USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service Cotton and Tobacco Program has to say and to learn more about this story, including a podcast, check out the full customer page.