MAIF Improves Knowledge and Customer Service with Spotfire

Two years ago, MAIF, the fifth largest insurer in France, had isolated applications and information that prevented it from providing great service. MAIF solved these problems with the TIBCO integration platform, messaging middleware, and API management software—and won itself a TIBCO Trailblazer award in the process.

More recently, the company found it needed an analytics solution capable of producing visual representations to simplify data exploration, and once again turned to TIBCO.

“You can imagine that an organization of our size has long used business intelligence tools. The problem with those solutions is their technicality. For reporting and tables, these solutions are fine, but when the objective is visual analytics without imposing technical prerequisites, difficulties arise,” says Stéphane Renoux, project manager in MAIF’s information systems department.

Once again, the results achieved were outstanding, including enthusiastic daily users, clear understanding of portfolios and agencies, better alignment of portfolios and locations, and better claims service. Read this latest MAIF story to learn the extent of its achievements and the key TIBCO Spotfire capabilities its using to make it happen.