How Customers Are Using Spotfire and Jaspersoft to Delight Clients

Avangard Innovative transforms recycling with Spotfire

Avangard Innovative helps its clients preserve and protect the environment by reducing the waste footprint being sent to landfills. “Our business plans were to transform an industry that was pretty low tech,” says Jason Lu, chief information and technology officer. “Our technology objectives were to infuse big data analytics into an overall solution where operations teams up with the customer to drive towards zero landfill.”

Read the story to find out how, using Spotfire, Avangard created a new space in the recycling market, and is now turning trash into cash for its clients.

“We’re able to increase customer recycling output by orders of magnitude, 4 to 10 times more than what they were able to do before. This is a real-world impact on sustainability for the planet, as well as on customers being able to monetize recyclables and turn trash into cash.”

DATABASICS gets back to core business with Jaspersoft

DATABASICS specializes in providing unique solutions to the complex problems of time & expense reporting, leave management, purchase-card program management, travel expense, auditing, and budgeting. “We needed technology that would allow more flexibility and more reporting power,” says Marcel Syriani, vice president and chief technology officer. “Customers and partners needed to build their own reports so that they could accomplish more on their own, and our internal teams―Professional Services, Sales, and Support―needed to provide training and a custom reporting billable service; options for producing outstanding reporting demos; and the ability to provide faster answers to a growing number of customer questions.”

Read the story to find out how, using Jaspersoft, DATABASICS moved from in-house reporting system to give internal and external users more power to get the job done, off-load support and training to TIBCO, provide a more intuitive customer experience, and support customer retention.

“Customers tell me they have increased productivity, accuracy, and efficiency. They can identify employee trends and outliers faster, so they have better control of P-card spending, which facilitates budget forecasting and enables them to revisit policies more frequently.”

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