Autodata Speeds Delivery of Vehicle Repair Information 

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For more than 40 years, Autodata has provided professional mechanics and workshops around the world with the technical information needed to repair thousands of cars. Through long-standing relationships, its data is licensed directly from more than 80 manufacturers of 29,000 models worldwide.

The complexity of repairing vehicles, particularly with electronics and computers, has increased significantly. Technicians need to be armed with the right information at the right time. Forty years ago, Autodata used paper-based resources, eventually moved to CDs for content distribution, and now updating vast amounts of information was proving to be a challenge.

To solve the problem, Autodata selected the TIBCO Mashery API Management Platform. The Mashery group quickly grasped the future opportunities for the IoT and connected cars and where Autodata fits into the overall strategy. Mashery helped Autodata leverage the value of its database content by making it as accessible as possible. It provided the security needed to manage Autodata APIs and unlock the potential for revenue-generating products.

More than 85% of Autodata’s content is now accessible through Mashery managed APIs, allowing delivery of increasingly targeted information to vehicle technicians. Mechanics can now find information faster and easier, and updates are available instantly. The company has significantly improved the customer experience by ensuring data is logically structured and packaged.

Read more about what Autodata is and will be doing with APIs and its Mashery platform. 

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