Vestas Spins Up Wind Generation with Spotfire

Vestas is the only global energy company dedicated exclusively to wind energy—and to improving business case certainty and reducing the cost of energy for customers. It’s the global market leader in manufacturing and servicing wind turbines, and it got there using “huge stacks of technologies and massive amounts of data available for analysis,” explains Sven Jesper Knudsen, Ph.D., senior data scientist.

“That comes at a cost,” continues Dr. Knudsen.”It requires maintenance and highly skilled personnel, and we simply couldn’t keep up. The market had matured, and to stay ahead we needed a new platform. The technology goal was to replace Tableau and Microsoft Power BI and Excel, and a lot of other tools that were creating a mess in our ecosystem. We had a massive number of applications, and it was very difficult to take the single Tableau dashboard, for example, and ramp up. When we were trying to accommodate added requirements, we often reached a dead end—and it was not only analytics. It was also very much the user experience.”

Vestas selected TIBCO Spotfire to provide an open-standard, single point of access for users that would give them a familiar experience and the ability to dynamically interact with their data. “Any algorithm out-of-the-box is good, but you need to tweak it. It’s a core of data science and also enables the citizen data scientist to do advanced analytics on the spot,” adds Knudsen.

Read about what Vestas is doing to advance its business with visual analytics here.

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