Dr. Spotfire’s Live Online Office Hours

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Dr. Spotfire is back and ready as ever to help guide new and existing Spotfire users at all levels. Check out what Dr. Spotfire’s online office hours has to offer you by registering here for a live session. And that’s not all! If you are ready to showcase interesting visuals and gain deeper insights into your data, join the conversation on Twitter using the #DrSpotfire hashtag and then, enter to win a prize and personalized session with Dr. Spotfire using this #SFDataVizCompetition hashtag!

The live online office hours with Dr. Spotfire will feature topics such as:

  • Ease of loading data
  • Data wrangling and data preparation
  • Visualizations
  • Calculations and custom expressions
  • Integration with TIBCO family
  • TERR
  • Geo analytics
  • Streaming analytics
  • Predictive analytics
  • Machine learning

Register now! Join the conversation with @TIBCO and #DrSpotfire