TIBCO Mashery: Our New Chapter

TIBCO Cloud Mashery
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It’s been a busy three months integrating the Mashery team into TIBCO after the acquisition and I couldn’t be more thrilled for what’s to come in this New Year. I haven’t been this excited for a while. You see, my previous two years had felt unnatural.Our venture investors had agreed to an excellent opportunistic offer from Intel to acquire the Mashery business in May 2013. It was amazing to be part of building Mashery and have it lead to a very successful exit with one of the most storied technology companies in the world. I will forever be incredibly proud of what our startup accomplished.

But while the exit had been financially rewarding for investors and employees, we knew within a year that it was not going to work. Lots of M&A fail and it was absolutely clear that we were headed down that path. We made some great friends and Intel remains an incredible business, but it was never going to be home for us.

Fortunately we were still fundamentally a growth business with a healthy organization that loved the space we were in. As such, we had the opportunity to divest from Intel and find a new path forward. There was amazing interest both from private investors as well as software companies so it was an incredibly busy four months. The clear choice in the end was TIBCO and we finalized the deal on September 25, 2015.

Within a very short period of time, it felt much more natural. It was a fantastic feeling to have Murray and Matt in our offices on the day after close. Our organization heard two software executives that were very much inline with our thinking and culture. They showed the same deep knowledge of the market and the obvious opportunity in front of us all. What a contrast.

Things have settled down now and our plans are made. We’ve introduced the Mashery product to an incredible and expansive field organization. Customer enthusiasm for the acquisition is high. Our teams are very happy and have quickly made connections with their counterparts. The excitement overall is palpable. The addition of the leader in the API Management market and such a storied company in the messaging and integration category is an incredible combination.

So, as such a wild 2015 came to an end, I was able to reflect back and feel extremely positive that we have found the perfect new home. Our team is invigorated and can hardly wait to deliver on our plans for next year.