Blue River Analytics Solves Analysis Paralysis with Spotfire

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Blue River Analytics helps upstream oil and gas production companies create competitive advantage by developing advanced visual and predictive analytic tools. Its experts work collaboratively with customers to understand their data assets, training needs, and most effective ways to use TIBCO Spotfire to transform data into interactive applications that save time, reduce costs, and increase productivity.

“There are tremendous risks and costs associated with not developing strong analytic maturity, of not taking full advantage of a tool like Spotfire. There’s a lot of competitive pressure given today’s commodity prices, so these companies have to very quickly and efficiently get to the most important insights and quickly make very important decisions. It’s more important than ever that they understand the relationships in their data,” says Analytics Director Andy Lathrop.

Lathrop and another co-founder were TIBCO employees who liked Spotfire so much that decided to start their own company. Their objective is to enable a broad spectrum of Spotfire users, from beginners to very advanced data scientists.

Learn about some of the benefits Blue River has provided to its customers, including time savings for production forecasting, more powerful insights, and security.