Cargill Masters the Energy Supply Chain with TIBCO Spotfire and ZEMA

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The energy, transportation, and metals specialist division of Cargill brings a unique combination of commercial know-how to the management of supply chains. Like many companies in the energy industry, the challenge for Cargill was the volume of its diverse data and the difficulty of processing it quickly to enable fast response to market events.

To meet its challenges, it brought ZE PowerGroup and TIBCO together, combining TIBCO’s strength in self-service data analytics with ZE’s data management competency. ZE’s ZEMA software suite of products, which delivers and describes data, has TIBCO Spotfire® data analytics tools as an embedded capability.

Learn how Spotfire data analytics and ZEMA technology is enabling Cargill to gather insights, dramatically improve strategic conversations among analysts, respond to real-time market events, and turn around trading tools in a matter of days rather than the three to six months previously required.

For more on Cargill’s story, check out Geoffrey Lakings of Cargill and Waleed El-Ramly of ZE PowerGroup talking about the strategic partnership with TIBCO and how it impacts Cargill’s hydrocarbon supply-chain data analytics.