Yakult’s New Product Sales in the Netherlands Increase 15 to 20% with Spotfire

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Yakult is the world’s leading probiotic beverage, created in Japan and produced by Yakult Honsha, the world’s pioneer in probiotics. In the first few years after Yakult came to Europe, sales grew steadily. But suddenly, after competitors began to enter the market, something surprising happened. “We had an extraordinary sales increase, especially in the Netherlands,” says Yakult Market Analyst Egbert Jan Vierkant.

Why was this happening? How could Yakult leverage data to help the business make better decisions and continue to grow? While they wanted to know why and how, tools like Excel were not cutting it, it was too time-consuming, and didn’t enable them to bring multiple data sources together.

Mr. Vierkant knew that for Yakult to learn why sales were increasing and harness that knowledge for even greater competitive advantage, they needed to be able to distinguish sales drivers from non-drivers in a very dynamic environment.

Learn how and why Yakult chose Spotfire to make these perspectives feasible and enable them to quickly find what’s working, what’s not, and gain competitive advantages.