Forest Oil Uses Spotfire to Drill Down to Real Results

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When plotting the course of your business, strategic decisions require more than talent and intuition. These days, titans of industry require solid data to keep the fires stoked and the wheels turning. Calculated decisions are the real means to success, and the faster you make them, the better. But with today’s massive information volumes and unrelenting speed, organizations need a modern way of extracting valuable insight from their data—that’s where TIBCO Spotfire comes in.

Fast Insights Drive Results

Forest Oil, a premiere drilling and exploration company, understands this all too well. In the oil and gas industry, where speed and foresight can mean the difference between boom and bust, keeping costs down and production high is critical. Now, with Spotfire, Forest Oil can monitor and analyze every nugget of data originating from its employees and wells, all the way down to the predicted vs. actual productivity of specific oil fields—all at high speed.

Remote Collaboration

Spotfire also delivers innovative mobile capabilities to keep remote employees connected. Let’s face it, oil and natural gas deposits are rarely found near the office water cooler at corporate headquarters. Fast access to the data you need in the palm of your hand, wherever you may be, is essential to gaining and sustaining competitive advantage. Employees are alerted to issues in real time; when an oil well forecast and production differ by 10 percent, the right employees receive an alert, permitting them to act before it’s too late.

Simplicity is Key

Did I mention Spotfire’s stunning analytic visualizations? Well, they’re included too and make it simple to quickly develop insights by presenting data in a logical, intuitive manner. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be the reincarnation of Einstein to effectively use cutting-edge BI analytic tools, though the tangible results may indicate otherwise. By connecting personnel to the information they need to successfully do their jobs, analytics not only supplies the power of real-time speed, but the means to make smarter decisions on the spot, wherever that might be.

Unearth the gems hidden in your data—try Spotfire today!