See Savings Add Up With TIBCO Spotfire in Your Data Center

2297935570_64d7a2e8ca_tIt’s easy to turn on your computer anytime, day or night and rely on Internet access anywhere. But have you thought about the environmental impact? There aren’t smokestacks at your office, so it might be a surprise that electric use for computing could soon rival the carbon footprint of airlines.

One estimate suggests that by 2010, companies will spend 71 cents of every $1 invested in servers on cooling and powering the data center – up from 48 cents in 2005. That is a big motivator for reducing costs and environmental impact by better monitoring, allocating and load-balancing server use. And tools such as TIBCO Spotfire can easily identify and report on usage levels – delivering real-time business analytics and reports on trends. By using operating rules, locations worldwide can be turned up and powered down remotely.

Experts suggest studying power consumption in data centers and establishing metrics for server loads and peak times. Simply refocusing cooling flows, upgrading to newer, more-efficient servers and shutting down unused machinery can make a bottom-line difference.

The US Environmental Protection Agency predicts the country’s data centers will exceed the energy use of U.S. air carriers by 2020 when you consider heating, cooling, security and operating expenses. Most digital infrastructure is an average of 10 years old and may waste as much as 40 percent of power use, according to Frank LaPlante, of Chicago’s Communications Supply Corp. State and federal incentives are available for improving efficiency and reducing electric use, he says.

David Wallace
Spotfire Blogging Team