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welcome matWelcome!  Before we describe what you can get from reading our new blog on business intelligence software, we want to introduce ourselves to anyone new to this space.  TIBCO Spotfire is a leading provider of enterprise analytics software.  Our mission is to help companies improve decision-making across the enterprise, through the use of user-driven business intelligence solutions, analytics and more.

Between mergers and acquisitions, innovation, economic pressures and more, the business intelligence market is fast-moving and (it feels like) constantly changing.  With this blog, we aspire to inform you, maybe provoke you, and possibly even entertain you.

First, let’s cover a few relevant definitions:

  • Business intelligence is critical to successful competition.  It enables end users to quickly and easily see patterns, trends, outliers and unexpected relationships that basic reporting misses.
  • Data visualization helps users interpret critical relationships in multidimensional data.  Information visualization allows users to easily query and comprehend complex data.  Ideally, these technologies should feature open architectures that  integrate with other technologies, including data mining, warehousing and CRM systems.
  • Enterprise analytics, sometimes called business analytics or business intelligence solutions, supply valuable insights to professionals in a variety of business processes, including financial analytics, manufacturing analytics and, sales and marketing analytics.
  • Decision analysis software speeds confident business decisions. Decision analysis applications organize and deliver critical information for rapid insight.

What can you find at the Spotfire blog?  Our blogging team will cover a wide-range of business intelligence topics, including news, interviews with business intelligence luminaries and influencers, information on trends, and more.  Check back on a regular basis to read about:

  • Innovations in business intelligence software
  • What business intelligence software is doing for other companies
  • Technology and business news related to the business intelligence market and players
  • Fun uses of business intelligence software (yes, they exist!)

Lastly, we’ll touch upon how business intelligence and analytics are used in specific verticals, including:

  • Business intelligence in life sciences and pharmaceuticals
  • Business intelligence in energy
  • Business intelligence in financial services
  • Business intelligence in manufacturing
  • Business intelligence in government and government intelligence
  • Business intelligence in academic institutions, semiconductor producers, and consumer goods.

So, enjoy reading, and don’t forget to comment.  We want to hear from you.

The Spotfire Blogging Team