Seth Grimes on Event Analytics

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Although I prefer to differentiate CEP-based analytics between event-driven (some complex events cause you to run some analytic function) and event-based (analytic operations working event-at-a-time or on the event stream directly), Seth Grimes has just published an interesting article titled “CEP+BI= Event Analytics” in Intelligent Enterprise.

Seth had some useful data to back up his comments from a survey on “data analysis software”: Responses to the question, “What business value can you see in real-time, continuous analysis?” demonstrate not only that current and potential users see value in “faster decisions” (68%) and “more accurate and timely information” (61%) but also that these capabilities are directly linked to concrete business measures that affect the profitability such as “higher customer satisfaction” (42%), “lower personnel and operational costs” (32%), and “increased sales” (26%).”

PS: partly related and very insightful was Tony Baur’s related observation via Twitter: So in essence, CEP makes BI literally actionable. IOW BI is embedded in execution.”