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Mining safely and effectively is something BHP does incredibly well. Smart mining uses real-time data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence from HQ to the edge to manage volume, quality, mix ratios, transport, weather, tides, demand, and even foreign exchange.

TIBCO's Connected Intelligence Platform empowers these capabilities by seamlessly connecting everything everywhere, intelligently unifying data, then applying hyperconverged analytics for confident, real-time predictions that bring insight. With TIBCO, BHP can maximize profit, generate new revenue, and make its work safer.


Connected Intelligence in Action

  • Real-time Analytics & AI/ML-driven Operations
  • Intuitive IoT for Meeting Safety Standards
Real-time Analytics & AI/ML-driven Operations

Like a neural network, the TIBCO Platform can connect and manage all IoT devices spread throughout a mining area and stream and scan the data in real time to detect anomalies and bring fast insight to operational and logistics teams.

Early detection of anomalies would allow BHP to quickly airlift a belt splicer to a site, or fix a conveyor before it breaks, potentially saving hundreds of millions of dollars.

Intuitive IoT for Meeting Safety Standards

A TIBCO decentralized micro agent mesh powered by AI could detect when a Jumbo's drill hits an unexpected gas pocket, instantly disable the drill, and run a safety protocol. When in Wi-Fi range, the platform could update the AI drilling algorithms and enable connections to deliver insights gained at one mine to improve safety and operations at all others.

For BHP, what amount of money, hours, and lives could be saved from this single use case?

Digital Transformation

  • Mining Interactive Demo
  • Intuitive Mining Accelerator
  • Accelerating Mining Innovation with TIBCO and Visagio
Mining Interactive Demo

With TIBCO hyper-aware monitoring and alerting for predictive maintenance, the Intelligent Mining App developed by TIBCO partner Visagio gathers and analyzes data-at-rest and in-motion for the end-to-end mining lifecycle. The app optimizes core products and processes to deliver operational excellence through cost-saving efficiencies.

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Intuitive Mining Accelerator

For mining & minerals sector resource organizations, TIBCO's Intuitive Mining Accelerator provides valuable "pit to port" metrics. To transform, collaborate, and lead operations, the detailed interactive analytics dashboard helps bring insight for making better strategic decisions.

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Accelerating Mining Innovation with TIBCO and Visagio

Historically, 68% of innovation in mining has delivered cost savings through efficiencies from optimization of core products and processes. However, leading resources companies are using digital transformation to deliver breakthrough products, as well as much greater return on investment. Tune in to this webinar and learn how TIBCO and Visagio are working together to accelerate mining organizations' transformational journeys.

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