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Scalable and Fast

"TIBCO Spotfire is scalable, flexible, intuitive and extremely fast. We were having issues with Tableau performance and decided to trial Spotfire. We noticed the difference right away, and then when I played with the analytical abilities of Spotfire, we decided that Spotfire was the way to go."

Sandeep Varma
Herring Creek Capital

Instant Access and Insight

"The depth and extensibility of the Spotfire platform is being used to provide instant access and insight across multi-million row data sets with hundreds of data elements per row instantly to a complex organisation of multi foci users. We are able to provide a beautiful, intuitive and rich user experience through the deep technology layers of IronPython and out of the box functionality that we have not seen in Tableau, SAS or even Qlik."

Manager in Corporate Hospital and Health Care

First Year ROI of 500-600%

"In the first year of the usage of analytics developed on the Spotfire platform, we're expecting over 500-600% ROI, which is pretty hefty. "

Alex Naumov
Sr. Manager, Pricing Strategy
The Home Depot