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Now, for a limited time, meet with an industry expert to understand the benefits of TIBCO Solutions specific to your industry, for your unique needs. If you lead data or analytics initiatives at a credit union, healthcare organization, or law enforcement agency, and are trying to find a breakthrough within your organization, it’s time to take advantage of this consultative experience.

Our subject matter experts have years of experience in your industry. They truly understand the data and analytics challenges in your industry, and can offer proven solutions. Ready to unlock new insights and value, better understand stakeholders and their needs, streamline operations, and use data as a competitive differentiator? We will work with you to find the best options for you and your teams to make your digital strategy a reality.

Not part of the credit union, healthcare, or law enforcement space? We’ve got you covered. Our rich expertise spans all industries, and we will put you in contact with our very best experts to work with you in tackling your data and analytics challenges.


Our Industry Experts

Financial Services

Jon M. Deutsch, Managing Director, Financial Services Solutions at TIBCO, leads the effort to develop market-leading enterprise data and analytics solutions for the global banking, capital markets, payments, credit union, and insurance industries. He is an accomplished executive with a long and successful track record starting up and leading technology, marketing, and sales programs that drive software and services revenue, growth, and profitability. Built on a strong foundation of product management, product development, and service delivery, Jon has directed multiple industry consortia uniting vendors and technology professionals to deliver commercial interoperability standards. He is an alumnus of the University of Southern California (USC) and Rutgers Business School.



Rosalyn Ryan is the Principal Subject Matter Expert for the Healthcare vertical at TIBCO. Ms. Ryan has extensive experience on the business side of healthcare, working as a consultant for major healthcare clients on provider, payer, academic medical center, government and life sciences issues and has spoken internationally on multiple healthcare topics. Her background includes working with Federal Health resources on policy and rule creation, including testifying before The Senate and The House, an architect that built large provider facilities and a large technology company providing healthcare solutions. She has also held leadership positions on several healthcare Boards and Committees and started and sold three healthcare companies.


Law Enforcement

Dave Kelly CPT (Ret.) spent 26 years in the Michigan State Police, where he led statewide intelligence, Cyber Command & Technology. He is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and currently serves as the Public Sector Chief Solutions Officer at TIBCO Software. In this role, Dave is enabling our federal, state, local government, and public education partners to achieve their analytics, data integration, quality, management, and visualization goals. Dave provides our partners with thought leadership on use-case-driven solutions to public-sector technology problems and strategic vision for what is possible when leveraging the TIBCO technology stack.

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