Connected Vehicles

Use data in motion for insights and automated decisions

For transportation and logistics companies gaining deeper inside on real-time data in motion can be beneficial in various ways. Processes for things as cargo, staffing, arrival and destination schedule and weather challenges can be optimized in a smarter way.

Before information was historical and siloed. Actions and updates were based on historical data discovery. Now you can connect all your resources and find real-time valuable information for improved operations, better outcomes and happier customers.

The Connected Vehicles Accelerator contains components to allow tracking of vehicles based on the GTFS format for transit vehicles. It includes components for visualization of real-time moving vehicles, rules to detect delays and classify occupancy, and integration components to link all of them together.


In This Accelerator
  • Expanded operational intelligence
  • Fast, informed decision making
  • Enhanced customer service
Introduction to TIBCO's Connected Vehicles Accelerator
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