TIBCO Data Science Educational License for Data Science and Machine Learning

License Request for Students & Educators - TIBCO Data Science

Data scientists need flexible and extensible tools that promote collaboration, automation, and reuse of analytic workflows. Accelerate innovation and achieve a competitive advantage with data science and streaming analytics. Algorithms are only one piece of the advanced analytics puzzle. Being able to access, prepare, visualize, model, deploy, score, monitor, and retrain models within a fully auditable and governable framework is the end-to-end analytics lifecycle that is paramount to success. TIBCO® Data Science software helps organizations innovate and solve complex problems faster to ensure predictive findings quickly turn into optimal outcomes.

The TIBCO Academic Alliance is committed to providing educators and academic institutions access to our cutting-edge technology to help students develop key skills to stay ahead of the curve. Students will be market ready upon graduation by learning concepts using the latest products utilized by many digital businesses today. TIBCO's data science products will do just that!

To stay competitive in the academic arena, it is imperative for institutions and educators to introduce key concepts to students through engaging resources and tools that make them relevant in the workforce on day one.

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