The TIBCO Trailblazer Awards program recognizes the companies and people leveraging technology in revolutionary and enterprising ways, transforming IT into a strategic differentiator that fuels business growth and an outstanding customer experience.

Award Categories

Award recipients are honored for accomplishing tangible and substantial business results using TIBCO technology, demonstrating ingenuity and thought leadership in meeting the demands of the digital consumer, and exemplifying the TIBCO Fast Data philosophy. Awards are given in the following four categories:


2016 TIBCO Trailblazers

Norfolk Southern – Pioneer Award Video

Norfolk Southern operates the most extensive intermodal rail network in the East and is a major transporter of coal, automotive, and industrial products over its 20,000-mile railroad network. To implement digital business transformation Norfolk Southern leveraged the TIBCO Fast Data platform to create a central event model that incorporated vital data from multiple sources, including Internet of Things sensors. As a result they streamlined operations, going from multiple views of the railway to a single, real-time view.

Norfolk Southern »

CargoSmart – Innovator Award Video

CargoSmart is a provider of global shipment management software that was facing an expanding and volatile shipping industry. They needed to leverage big data to gain competitive advantage. They achieved that by integrating the powerful capabilities of TIBCO technology, which enabled them to streamline how ocean carriers identify optimum routes, allowing CargoSmart's carriers to reduce fuel consumption up to 3.5% over the past 2 years.

CargoSmart »

First Citizens Bank – Impact Award Video

In business for over a century, First Citizens Bank needed to expand its services and offerings to its customers. Implementation of a standardized integration platform was essential to simplify IT infrastructure and create new omni-channel services. By deploying TIBCO technology the bank accelerated time to market of new services and achieved a near-immediate improvement in call center customer service resolution times.

First Citizens Bank »

University of Chicago Medicine –
Visionary Award

The University of Chicago Medicine's (UCM) operating room (OR) facilities are critical for the medical center to balance the needs of its patients and their families, and ensure provider satisfaction while managing costs. By building an event-enabled platform on TIBCO to monitor real-time events, UCM saw an immediate improvement in patient care, decreased OR turnover time by 15-20%, and reduced cardiac arrests by 15-20% in ICU patients.

University of Chicago Medicine »

TUI Group – Transformer Award Video

TUI Group, a multinational travel and tourism company, needed to transform the way it connected different systems to improve real-time reaction to customer needs. By creating an event-enabled integration and analytics platform built on TIBCO TUI Group transformed its infrastructure and introduced new ways for customers to interact with them, enabling them to move towards their target of a net promoter score of 50.

TUI Group »

2015 TIBCO Trailblazers

MAIF – Impact Award Video

MAIF is a member-owned insurance company in France. For the last 11 years it has won awards for delivering the best insurance company member relationship. To continue this leadership position, the insurer revolutionized its IT architecture with TIBCO. The new, agile, integrated infrastructure has enabled faster delivery of a wider range of high quality member services through all communication channels and simplified and improved the partner experience.


BNP Paribas Securities Services (BP2S) –
Pioneer Award

BNP Paribas Securities Services (BP2S) is known as “The Bank for a Changing World.” As part of the BNP Paribas Group’s Asset Management and Services division, BP2S has a presence across 34 countries and is committed to providing valued-added services to its discerning clients. Progress has been fueled by TIBCO Spotfire®, which has dramatically improved analyst operations, enabled IT resources to focus on other strategic initiatives, while providing customers with access to the insightful data needed to make the most informed decisions. As such, the business has become fully responsive to customer needs across 100 markets and is now one of the highest rated asset servicing banks in the industry.

BNP Paribas Securities Services (BP2S) »

Genting UK Plc – Innovator Award Video

Genting UK, part of the Genting Group, is one of the largest casino operators in the UK. In 2014, with the help of the TIBCO Fast Data platform, Genting IT embarked on a transformative integration project, with the goal of enabling the business to remain focused on the customer journey. As a result, IT has evolved into a strategic differentiator for the company and facilitated a high-end, personalized customer experience, fueling Genting UK's launch of a first-of-its-kind integrated resort destination.

Genting UK Plc »

2014 TIBCO Trailblazers

3UK – Visionary Award Video

3UK has been revolutionizing the telecom market for over a decade. They carry 45% of the UK’s mobile traffic, all of which is controlled in real-time by the TIBCO platform, enabling them to have contextually relevant, event-related conversations with their customers. By offering “4G for free” and "zero additional charges for roaming to many countries" they are reinventing how they emotionally connect with their customers; challenging the 'way things are done', resulting in dramatic improvements to the customer experience.

3UK »

jetBlue® – Impact Award Video

Over the last 14 years, jetBlue®  has grown from an upstart, low-cost airline into a major competitor. With a rock-solid TIBCO partnership they have created a modern, event-enabled and analytical IT platform that has transformed IT into a strategic business partner. Together, IT and the business are meeting growth objectives and delivering highly competitive services to their valued customers.

jetBlue® »

General Mills – Innovator Award Video

General Mills is one of the world’s largest food companies. They are on a multi-year journey to innovatively deliver a world-class enterprise-level collaborative analytics and reporting service. Propelled by TIBCO Spotfire, this service will dramatically improve brand value, customer interactions and loyalty, and facilitate superior product delivery with the reliability of a company that’s been in business for over 150 years.

General Mills »

SofTrek Corporation – Pioneer Award Video

SofTrek Corporation has been helping nonprofits raise more money for 25 years. SofTrek pioneered non-profit CRM with flexible, intuitive insight built directly into its application from an early stage. Fueled by TIBCO Jaspersoft®, this insight has become a competitive asset that drives business agility, helping SofTrek’s customers maximize their fundraising efforts.

SoftTrek Corporation »

Benefits of becoming a Trailblazer


We invite you to nominate an outstanding TIBCO customer who has leveraged technology to transform IT into a strategic differentiator that fuels business growth and an outstanding customer experience.

Nominations are open until February 29, 2016. Chosen winners will be contacted by April and announced at TIBCO NOW 2016, May 16-19 at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas.

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