TIBCO Security Advisory: May 08, 2013 - TIBCO Silver® Mobile

TIBCO Silver® Mobile vulnerability

Original release date: May 08, 2013
Last revised: --
Source: TIBCO Software Inc.


The TIBCO Silver Mobile component listed above will fail to properly enforce administrator privileges in some circumstances. This may allow unprivileged users to execute arbitrary commands with administrator privileges.

TIBCO has released an update which addresses this issue. TIBCO strongly recommends sites running the affected components to install the update.

Systems Affected

  • TIBCO Silver Mobile version 1.1.0

The following components are affected:

  • TIBCO Silver Mobile Server


The impact of this vulnerability may include information disclosure, modification or deletion.


Upgrade TIBCO Silver Mobile to version 1.1.1 or above.

General FAQ

Why is this advisory being issued?

Security vulnerabilities have been discovered in:

  • TIBCO Silver® Mobile 1.1.0 

What is the impact of the vulnerability?

The impact may include information disclosure or information modification. For details, please see the security advisory.

Which customers are affected?

These issues affect all customers using the above product versions.

Where can I get software updates?

Customers with current maintenance can obtain product updates through their standard TIBCO fulfillment channel.

How will customers who receive TIBCO software via OEM partners be affected?

Customers of OEM partners can receive new versions and bundles from their OEM partners. Please contact your OEM partner for updates.

Can I get the software update if I am not current on maintenance, if I do not have access to the download site or access to TIBCO Support?

Please contact TIBCO Support by telephone. Please reference SR:1-EOPS1Y in your communication to indicate the context of your request.

What is TIBCO doing to prevent future security issues?

TIBCO takes security very seriously. We perform rigorous testing for every product release, as well as code audits, structured walkthroughs and peer reviews. TIBCO has identified security vulnerabilities in products during internal testing and reviews and corrected them prior to release. TIBCO constantly evaluates and augments its security measures and will continue to do so.

Where can I get more information?

Product advisories can be accessed from the Security Advisories for TIBCO Products web page.

Customers with a current maintenance contract with TIBCO can log a service request with TIBCO Global Support (please refer to the service request identifiers listed above) and then call your support telephone number. Maintenance customers can also view product-specific Late Breaking News through the TIBCO Support Web.

TIBCO Silver Mobile FAQ

Which product versions are affected?

  • TIBCO Silver Mobile version 1.1.0 

What components are affected?

  • TIBCO Silver Mobile Server 

How should customers handle these issues?

For each affected system, customers should update to:

  • TIBCO Silver Mobile version 1.1.1 or above 

Please follow the instructions in the product installation manual.

What is updated by this new product version?

Please see the product README, release notes and/or documentation for a complete list of changes.


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