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TIBCO Event Analytics for Digital Business

Every business faces challenges and opportunities that, if identified and addressed in a timely and relevant fashion, will lead to a competitive advantage.

  • Customers who walk into your store can be incented to buy a product via a personalized instant SMS offer
  • Changes or delays in airline operations can provide opportunities to proactively engage with passengers and minimize the impact of a bad flight experience
  • Behaviors that signal potential credit card fraud can be stopped if detected early in the attack cycle

TIBCO’s event-driven solutions help you find insights by augmenting your traditional data intelligence processes, and by discovering actions that have the potential to transform your company. Seize critical business moments by capturing, aggregating, and analyzing data at rest and data in motion, and deliver insight that provides contextual awareness and the ability to act preemptively. TIBCO’s Event Analytics solutions make it easier to interact with machines, collaborate, and act faster than ever before.

TIBCO provides a suite of event processing and streaming analytics products that allow you to:

  • Gain real-time, actionable operational intelligence
  • Make better decisions faster while that intelligence is relevant
  • Take actions to improve operational outcomes

Learn how TIBCO enables your business to improve situational awareness and build timely “sense-and-respond” behavior into mission-critical operations. With this increased business agility, you can achieve improved operational effectiveness, an enhanced/personalized customer experience, and overall risk reduction.

Featured Products

The Evolution of Analytics: Operational Intelligence & Algorithmic Automation

TIBCO continues to be the leader in balancing human insight with algorithmic action through visual and advanced analytics, real-time event analytics, live datamarts, and predictive technologies. Having these tools in your arsenal will empower an entire new community as business shifts from manual to digital business, and moves to support the emerging fourth industrial revolution.

TIBCO® Live Datamart

TIBCO® Live Datamart

Build an in-memory data warehouse and command/control center using TIBCO® Live Datamart to gain real-time, operational intelligence from a wide variety of data sources. Perform ultra-fast, continuous computations against high-speed streaming data, and generate live, actionable insight using ad-hoc queries and user-configured visualizations.

TIBCO® LiveView Web

TIBCO® LiveView Web

TIBCO LiveView Web is a browser-based application empowering users to create a rich display of cards that visualize data from queries and create actions against a TIBCO Live Datamart server. It displays data in a variety of real-time charting formats, and supports extensions such as custom visuals using JavaScript. Cards are created and laid out in pages, with each card presenting the results of a continuous query against the Live Datamart in a variety of visualizations and data displays.

TIBCO StreamBase®

TIBCO StreamBase®

Build real-time streaming analytics applications with TIBCO StreamBase® via an easy-to-use and powerful EventFlow visual programming paradigm. Use StreamBase to handle high volumes of continuously flowing structured data and event streams. Leverage out-of-the-box aggregation and temporal analytics. Recognize patterns over time; join streams and tables; and filter, combine and transform events and event streams. StreamBase handles immense throughput at very low latencies with ease. StreamBase has 150 pre-built adapters for out-of-the-box integration, and includes APIs for custom integration, extensibility, monitoring, and management.

TIBCO BusinessEvents®

TIBCO BusinessEvents®

Build rule-based event processing applications via TIBCO BusinessEvents® with ease and speed. Use TIBCO BusinessEvents for correlating heterogeneous events, detecting missing events, and for performing stateful operations with complex structured data. Define logic as a collection of rules in various forms, including decision tables, rule flows, state models, process orchestrations, and much more. TIBCO BusinessEvents is at its best handling event clouds, complex rules, and business data over time.

Featured Solutions

Event-Enabled, Real-Time Retail

An accurate, single real-time view of inventory, combined with a 360-degree customer view, are two of the most important capabilities that retailers must attain for a successful omni-channel shopping experience. Make quicker, more effective business decisions with increased visibility into your operations—while competitors are still waiting for a daily batch operations report— and a list of their customers who have already left.

Track and Trace via Event Analytics

Whether you are in airlines, logistics, shipping, or railways, real-time visibility into the health of the transportation network is crucial to making your operations more efficient. Take instant action for re-routing and re-scheduling tracked objects. Monitor equipment and fix issues in real time. Manage customer expectations proactively as events unfold.

IoT and Data in Motion

Manufacturers and oil and gas companies are among the early adopters of IoT technologies benefiting from operational improvements. Why? Because they extract the value of IoT data—capturing data still in motion and generating real-time insight—for the purposes of identifying opportunities for predictive maintenance and workflow optimization. Don’t waste IoT data. Exploit it fully to capture more value in a timely fashion.