Support Programs

Customers can choose from four levels of support:

  • Gold: Designed for customers with business critical support needs. Gold support provides all the service offerings associated with Silver support, plus our fastest response and resolution times for critical issues, and personalized service through our TIBCO DirectConnectSM program, which includes named points-of-contact within Support.
  • Silver: For customers with high availability requirements, the Silver support program provides coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help resolve production-critical issues as quickly as possible. TIBCO DirectConnect OnDemand and TIBCO DirectConnect Advantage can be purchased as an add-on option to Silver Support.
  • Bronze: Suitable for customers with support needs during normal business hours, the Bronze package provides coverage during normal 8 hour business days, Monday through Friday, in the customer's time zone. TIBCO DirectConnect OnDemand can be purchased as an add-on option to Bronze Support.
  • Upgrade Only: This package gives customers access to product downloads and updates as they become available, but does not provide access to customer support resources.


  • TIBCO DirectConnect Support: Provides personalized, consistent, timely, and coordinated support, all directed by TIBCO DirectConnect Managers. TIBCO DirectConnect OnDemand is a monthly support service. TIBCO DirectConnect Advantage is an annual support package. Gold Support is an annual support package and includes all TIBCO DirectConnect Support services.
  • Additional Assigned Contacts: Both Silver and Bronze programs provide a number of customer contacts to be named as designated interfaces for working with TIBCO's customer support group. Customers may purchase additional contacts if this number is not sufficient to meet their needs.
  • Long-term On-site Support: This option places a TIBCO customer support engineer at your location for an extended period of time, typically one year.
  • Short-term On-site Support: This option places a TIBCO customer support engineer at your location for a short period of time when a higher level of support is required, such as during the deployment of a new application, during a product upgrade, or during high-risk "go live" periods.