TIBCO provides a complete solution for sharing information and services across Java EE and non-Java EE applications and environments. As a key supporter of Java EE since its inception, TIBCO continues to drive the evolution of the technology. With a high-performance implementation of JMS (Java Message Service) called TIBCO Enterprise Message Service™ and a JCA-based (Java EE Connector Architecture) solution for integrating Enterprise JavaBeans, TIBCO provides a comprehensive Java EE -based integration solution. And because TIBCO's Java EE solution is interoperable with the rest of TIBCO's integration solutions, customers can easily share information between Java EE and non-Java EE environments throughout their business.

TIBCO is an active participant in leading standards bodies such as OASIS, W3C and WS-I.

Area Specification TIBCO Leadership
Server Side Invocation EJB
  • Supporter
Database JDBC
  • Supporter
Connector JCA
  • Co-editors
  • Pushing for the inclusion of sophisticated message exchange patterns
Messaging JMS
  • Supporter
Transaction Demarcation JTA
  • Supporter
Interface Lookup JNDI
  • Supporter
Java Business Integration JBI
  • Member of working group
Java Platform Extension JSR-168
  • Supporter
Java Management Extensions JMX (JSR3)
  • Co-author of initial version
Custom Coding/ Third Party Library Invocation Java
  • Supporter

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