Exam Overview

Exam Details

  • Exam: TB0-124
  • Number of exam questions: 64
  • Exam duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Percentage correct to pass the exam: 69%



Successful candidates will be able to install, configure, and administer TIBCO MDM 8 functionalities. Can configure MDM metadata, define how to import and export data, extend/customize the user interface and workflows.

Additionally, successful candidates will have the experiences and mastered the topics outlined below.


Recommended General Experience

One year experience in master data management or similar experience. Requires knowledge of data/information architecture and sql concepts. Experience configuring and troubleshooting messaging software (JMS), Windows and/or Linux/Unix OS, RDBMS, and web/app servers. Working experience with XML/XSLT and Java required. Understanding of Data Governance Workflow and Business Processes required.


Product Specific Experience

Six months experience with TIBCO MDM 8 and TIBCO® MDM Studio 3 including installation and configuration experience as well as creation and maintenance of master data.


Exam Topics and Objectives

  • Administration
    • Install MDM
      • Describe prerequisites for TIBCO MDM installation.
      • Explain the options that must be set when installing TIBCO MDM with an application server.
      • Describe the functions and configuration options when installing TIBCO MDM in a clustered environment.
    • Configure MDM
      • Describe the cache implementation in TIBCO MDM 8.
      • Describe the purpose, function and features of the TIBCO MDM Configurator.
      • Describe the purposes and functions of the Cache, FileWatcher and Netrics property files.
    • Administrative Tasks
      • Explain how to create and maintain User accounts.
      • Describe the options available when configuring backend systems and data pools.
      • Given a scenario, select the appropriate levels and method of authorization in TIBCO MDM 8.
      • Describe the types and functions of log file.
      • Explain when and how to import/export data.
  • Customization
    • TIBCO MDM interface
      • Describe the options and available when customizing the look and feel of TIBCO MDM 8.
    • Internals
      • Explain how to modify and/or create Business Process rules, workflows and rulebases.
  • Data
    • Repository
      • Describe how data can be organized, imported and exported with TIBCO MDM 8.
    • MetaData
      • Explain how to import/export metadata.
    • Data source
      • Describe the various methods that in which flat file data can be imported into TIBCO MDM 8.
    • Import
      • Explain the ways and methods master data is imported to repositories.
    • Export or Synchronization
      • Describe how rules are built and used within TIBCO MDM.Describe the process and purpose of data Export/Synchronization.
    • Rulebase
      • Describe how rules are built and used within TIBCO MDM.
    • Search
      • Explain how to search for data.
    • Record
      • Explain how to manage records.
    • Subsets
      • Explain when and how to use subset rules.
  • Process
    • Work Items
      • Explain the operations that can be performed on work items.
    • Workflow Management
      • Given a scenario, select the appropriate workflow.
      • Describe the purpose, features, and functions of workflow.
    • Define Business Process Rules
      • Describe how to manage rules to add participants.
    • Record Conflict Management
      • Given a scenario, select how a record conflict would be handled.
  • Integration
    • Internal Systems (Enterprise)
      • Given a scenario select the appropriate method and configuration settings when integrating TIBCO MDM with another system.
    • Web Services
      • Describe the purpose and functions of Web Service integration with TIBCO MDM 8.


Suggested Reading List

  • TIBCO MDM 8 User’s Guide
  • TIBCO MDM 8 Installation and Configuration Guide
  • TIBCO MDM 8 Customization Guide
  • TIBCO MDM 8 Workflow Reference
  • TIBCO MDM 8 Web Services Guide
  • TIBCO MDM Studio 3 Process Designer User’s Guide
  • TIBCO MDM Studio3 Rulebase Designer User’s Guide

Documentation for TIBCO products is available through the TIBCO Product Documentation site.


Standards Reference URLs


Recommended Courses and Knowledge Assessments

  • MDM201: Essentials of Master Data Management Using TIBCO MDM 8.x
  • MDM205: Developing Solutions with TIBCO Master Data Management (MDM) 8.x
  • MDM206: Advanced Solution Design with TIBCO Master Data Management 8.x
  • MDM201 Knowledge Assessment
  • MDM205 Knowledge Assessment
  • MDM206 Knowledge Assessment


  • MDM621: TIBCO MDM 8.x Solutions Boot Camp
  • MDM621 Knowledge Assessment (coming soon)

*Course materials may only be obtained by attending the course(s).

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