Exam Overview

This exam will certify that the successful candidate has knowledge and skills to implement Complex Event Processing solutions using TIBCO BusinessEvents 5.0 or later (including TIBCO BusinessEvents® Views, TIBCO BusinessEvents® Data Modeling, TIBCO BusinessEvents® Decision Manager and TIBCO BusinessEvents® Event Stream Processing).



Exam Details

  • Exam: TB0-122
  • Number of exam questions: 64
  • Exam duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Percentage correct to pass the exam: 66%



Successful candidates will be able to design, deploy, and manage rule-based and Complex Event Processing solutions of average complexity with minimal supervision or assistance. This typically involves collecting data from various sources (HTTP/S, TCP, JMS, and TIBCO Rendezvous), extracting relevant data from these events, correlating these events, and designing event data state models.

Additionally, successful candidates will have the experiences and mastered the topics outlined below.


Product Specific Experience

Six months hands-on experience using BusinessEvents 5.


Exam Topics and Objectives

  • TIBCO BusinessEvents Installation
    • Components
    • Given a scenario, identify the proper TIBCO BusinessEvents Add-on or installation procedure.
  • TIBCO BusinessEvents Standard Edition
    • TIBCO BusinessEvents Studio
      • Describe the proper configuration, customization and migration options in TIBCO BusinessEvents Studio.
      • Explain the proper use and options of TIBCO BusinessEvents command line tools.
    • Develop
      • Describe the purpose, functions and configuration of Channels and Shared Resources
      • Explain when to use and how to configure Events, Concepts and Scorecards
      • Explain how to write a Rule or Rule Function
      • Explain how to enable TIBCO BusinessEvents applications as a web service.
      • Describe the purpose and functions of Rule and Rule Functions
    • Test/debug
      • Explain how to test and debug TIBCO BusinessEvents applications
    • Deployment
      • Explain components of a Cluster Deployment Descriptor (CDD)
      • Describe the use and functions of CDD, EAR and TRA files.
      • Explain how to configure and deploy a TIBCO BusinessEvents application
    • Runtime
      • Given a scenario, explain Run to Completion (RTC) behavior.
      • Describe the functionality provided by TIBCO BusinessEvents agent types.
  • Architecture
    •  Explain the fault tolerant and persistence features of BusinessEvents engines
    • Distinguish between different Object Management types.
  • Monitoring and Management
    •  Describe the purpose, features and functions of the TIBCO BusinessEvents Monitoring and Management Utility
  • Add-ons
    • TIBCO BusinessEvents Event Stream Processing
      • Identify the proper usage of the Pattern Matcher
      • Given a scenario, identify the appropriate pattern matching expression.
      • Explain the purpose and usage of Query Agents.
    • TIBCO BusinessEvents Data Modeling
      • Describe the purpose and use of the State Model.
      • Explain the usage of the Database Concepts.
    • TIBCO BusinessEvents Decision Manager
      • Explain when and how to use Decision Tables.
    • TIBCO BusinessEvents Views
      • Describe the features and functions of the components of TIBCO BusinessEvents Views


Suggested Reading List

  • TIBCO BusinessEvents Installation
  • TIBCO BusinessEvents Architect’s Guide
  • TIBCO BusinessEvents Developer’s Guide
  • TIBCO BusinessEvents Administration
  • TIBCO BusinessEvents Query Developer’s Guide
  • TIBCO BusinessEvents Event Stream Processing Pattern Matcher Developer’s Guide
  • TIBCO BusinessEvents Decision Manager User’s Guide
  • TIBCO BusinessEvents Data Modeling Developer’s Guide
  • TIBCO BusinessEvents Views Developer’s Guide
  • TIBCO BusinessEvents Views User’s Guide

Documentation for TIBCO products is available through the TIBCO Product Documention site


Recommended Courses and Knowledge Assessments

  • BE301: Administration of TIBCO BusinessEvents® 5.x CEP Solutions *
  • BE401: Developing CEP Solutions with TIBCO BusinessEvents® 5.x *
  • BE301 Knowledge Assessment
  • BE401 Knowledge Assessment

*Course materials may only be obtained by attending the course(s).
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